UW Women’s Tennis Upsets No. 36 Utah, 4-0

SEATTLE – The University of Washington women’s tennis team picked up a huge win it its final regular season match of the year as it upset 36th-ranked Utah, 4-0, Sunday afternoon at the Bill Quillian Tennis Center. The Dawgs, who picked up their third-straight win, finish the regular season with a 13-9 overall record and a 3-7 mark in Pac-12 play.
“That is what we wanted to get out of this weekend, winning both matches and finishing the conference season strong,” said head coach Jill Hultquist. “Now we just have to sit and see when the rankings come out and where we sit after next week. I was really proud of the team for really coming out today and playing strong right out of the gate.”
Fresh off of a 4-1 win over Colorado on Saturday, the Dawgs once again jumped out quick in doubles action as Grace Ysidora and Natali Coronel defeated Sarah Richter and Luisa Gerstner Da Rosa 8-2 on court two. Elianne Douglas-Miron and Riko Shimizu followed that up with an 8-3 victory over Tereza Bekerova and Paige Miles on court one to give UW the point.
Picking up right where she left off on Saturday in singles action, Riko Shimizu easily defeated Da Rosa 6-0, 6-2 for her third-consecutive, straight-sets win.
“Riko has just been a rock in her last couple of performances, just putting another point on the board, and helping us get up 2-0 always helps,” added Hultquist.
With the Dawgs holding a 2-0 lead, sophomore Elianne Douglas-Miron earned a huge win as she knocked off No. 89 Tereza Bekerova in straight-sets, 6-3, 6-4, at number one singles. Douglas-Miron moved her season record to 10-8.
“That was awesome for Elianne,” said Hultquist. “She has been struggling a lot and is in one of the toughest positions in the Pac-12 at number one. For her, after yesterday, I feel like she had an opportunity and didn’t take advantage of it, so today I told her to close it out and she did. I am really happy for her because I think Elianne deserves it.”
Julija Lukac went on to clinch the match for the Dawgs as she earned a 6-1, 6-4 victory over Callie Craig on court three. Lukac has decided the match for UW in two out of the last three matches and has an overall mark of 13-5 at number three singles.
“With Julia you can sort of see and feel the pressure that she is feeling but I always feel pretty good about it even if she is a little nervous,” said Hultquist. “I always feel like she will close it out because she will always put that long ball back. She may not be that aggressive but she will put that long ball back and make her opponent hit another shot, and that is how she won the match point today.”
The Dawgs will now have a week off before heading to the Pac-12 Tournament April 24-27 in Ojai, Calif., then will wait to hear if they are selected for the NCAA Tournament which starts on May 9.
“We are going to have to wait until at least the end of April and after Pac-12’s. A lot happens and I feel like if we can get our ranking close to 40, our chances are pretty good,” said Hultquist.
No. 48 UW 4, No. 36 Utah 0April 13, 2014Bill Quillian Tennis Center
Doubles Results (Order of Finish: 2, 1)1. Douglas-Miron/Shimizu (UW) def. Bekerova/Miles (Utah), 8-32. Ysidora/Coronel (UW) def. Richter/ Da Rosa (Utah), 8-23. Nemcevic/Lukac (UW) led Pham/Craig (Utah), 4-3, susp.
Singles Results (Order of Finish:, 6, 1, 3)1.#123 Elianne Douglas-Miron (UW) def. #89 Tereza Bekerova (Utah), 6-3, 6-42. Graces Ysidora (UW) v. Sarah Pham (Utah), 6-3, 1-6, 1-0, susp.3. Julija Lukac (UW) def. Callie Craig (Utah), 6-1, 6-44. Andjela Nemcevic (UW) v. Sarah Richter (Utah), 4-6, 5-4, susp.5. Natali Coronel (UW) v. Paige Miles (Utah), 7-5, 1-4, susp.6. Riko Shimizu (UW) def. Luisa Gerstner Da Rosa (Utah), 6-0, 6-2