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Semifinal Spots For Women of Troy At Pac-12 Championships

Apr 25, 2014

The USC women's tennis team has divided and conquered out at the Pac-12 Championships in Ojai, Calif., this week, with Women of Troy taking semifinal spots in all four draws. On the Championship side of the coin, Zoë Scandalis is through to the singles semifinals tomorrow thanks to a takedown of the No. 2 seed today in the quarterfinals. In doubles, Kaitlyn Christian and Giuliana Olmos tallied two lopsided wins today to also move into tomorrow's semifinals. In Invitational action, Olmos has stayed on a straight-set roll into the singles semifinal round there, while Brynn Boren and Scandalis, too, have proved powerful in invitational doubles as they have made a move into the semis as well.