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NCAA women's rowing championships: California and Washington schools shine

May 30, 2014

Day one of the NCAA women's rowing championships in Indianapolis, Ind. is in the books and, surprising to no one, the California schools took center stage. Stanford won three heats, California won two and USC and UCLA placed in the top-three consistently as the Pac-12 showed its colors.

All of today's heats were 1,500 meters.

Joined by Washington and Washington State, who both had top-three finishes in certain heats, the Pac-12 finds itself in a good position heading into the weekend.

The conference was especially strong in the 8+ round, where in heat three UCLA finished third, Washington State placed fourth and Cal took its first heat of the day with a winning time of 6:19.335.

Later in the day, the Washington schools banded together, along with Stanford, as the schools again placed three in the top-six. The Cardinal won their final heat of the day, with the Huskies finishing second and the Cougars coming in fourth.

Below are the results for the Pac-12 schools, with the winner of the heat in parenthesis - if they didn't belong to the Pac-12 conference, which, on this day, didn't happen too often. Team captains are also named.

Div I: I 8+

Heat 1

(Ohio State) USC  - 3rd (Vineta Moca) 06:26.174

Heat 2

Stanford - 1st (Anna Dawson) 06:20.991

Heat 3

California - 1st (Aggie Nowinski) 06:19:335

UCLA - 3rd (Natalie Pettee) 06:31.291

Washington State - 4th (Jordan Watson) 06:37.335

Heat 4

(Brown) Washington - 2nd (Patricia Obee) 06:22.434

Div I: II 8+

Heat 1

(Brown) Washington - 3rd (Grace Spoors) 06:31.299

Heat 2

Stanford - 1st (Courtney Carrabino) 06:31.821

Heat 3

(Ohio State) California - 2nd (Sarah Schwartz) 06:33.099

Heat 4

(Virginia) UCLA - 2nd (Carolina Paini) 06:34.768

Washington State - 3rd (Megan McDonald) 06:37.830

USC - 4th (Katherine Gleadow) 06:42.301

Div I: 4+

Heat 1

(Brown) USC - 2nd (Lindsay Gibson) 07:14.436

Heat 2

California - 1st (Dorothy Beckendorff) 07:07.874

UCLA - 3rd (Victoria Babson) 07:28.542

Heat 3

No Pac-12 finishers

Heat 4

Stanford - 1st (Ellie Parker) 07:13.761

Washington - 2nd (Elisabeth Odland) 07:16.874

Washington State - 4th (Alyssa Rumann) 07:27.551

Saturday's semifinal action gets started with the I 8+ races beginning at 5:30 a.m. PT. The top-three finishers in each of Saturday's events advance to the upper final, while all others advance to the lower final.