The week in social media photos: July 21-27

If just the raw numbers of football's looming kickoff isn't enough to get you excited, then this week was a good one. The annual Pac-12 Football Media Day took place in Los Angeles, and all of the fun was had and excitement generated. Also, we have a return visit from the most famous face tattoo out there. The week:

In the weekly-social-media-blog-post business we call Mike Tyson
appearances “Gold. Pure and utter Gold.”

Kimmel certainly is one funny Devil.

That's the game face of one of the nation's top quarterbacks, as captured at Pac-12
Football Media Day. He looks ready to me.

But there was a lighter side to media day as we find the Cardinal enjoying a game of bags.

And the Trojans discussing important topics on the Forrest Gump bench.

And a smile in the face of the ever-powerful Hercules.

And a tasty Cool Blue Bruin treat.

And while everyone was seemingly having fun in Hollywood, Chip was taking #NoDaysOff

I think this is a pretty easy pair of questions to answer. Allow me: 
“Yes” and “That guy with the chainsaw, please.”

It was a super Cal soccer alumni day in this TBT post, but what we really need to note here 
is that it's not just football around the corner. Soccer and volleyball are coming. And more.

While most NCAA athletes perhaps go pro in something other than sports, a lot of Wildcats
have done well in professional sports. Namely, the NBA.

Great program this UW Leap, helping student-athletes better transition into the college environment.

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