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Hike father, hike son: Rick & Jerry Neuheisel settle the score

Aug 21, 2014

For nearly 35 years, Rick Neuheisel has solidified his place as one of the preeminent figures of the Pac-12 Conference. From his gunslinging days as a UCLA quarterback, to his memorable ride on the coaching carousel, to his career as a future hall-of-fame broadcaster, there's no denying our man Rick has moseyed around the block and then some. 

But hold your horses, partner. There's a new Neuheisel in the wild, wild Westwood, and he's got something to prove. 

Rick's son, Jerry, is a redshirt sophomore QB for the Bruins (and might we add that he bears a shockingly uncanny resemblance to his father). Thursday at practice, Rick and Jerry squared off in an old fashioned father-son duel for all the marbles. Will Jerry prevail as the new sheriff in town, or is Rick still riding high in the saddle? Check out the video above and find out!