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The week in social media photos: Aug. 18-24

Aug 25, 2014

This time next week we will have a results page that shows football scores that count. That is neat. In the meantime, some other fall sports are already accumulating results. I'm sun burned agan (sorry, Mom) so you know I had a great weekend and that I sure could've used what the Utah footballers were lining up for. The week:

This is no doubt a gorgeous view…until practice starts.

Yes. Just because they’re big and fast and strong and play smashmouth 
doesn’t mean they aren’t kids at heart. Snocones, please.

I mean, it's the Big Unit and Big Mac, USC alumni and a significant representation of my childhood.

In an unofficial vote between me, myself and I, Benny is the coolest.

Casey, yes! Here's to many more field logos.

All together now: "Stir it up…Coach Ernie…stir it up!"

We're doing a Cougar double dip this week because we have got to come up with
a way to ensure blazer-on-top-hoop-on-the-bottom is a fashion trend.

 Let's celebrate UCLA women's soccer kicking off their season. After all, they're No. 1.

High production value – as always – from the #DigitalGurus at the U of A.

The ever-inspirational (and forever Golden Bear) addresses the Cal football team. Fired up.

Oregon volleyball is how good? Thiiiiiiis good.


This is a great exercise in success. And it kinda looks funny.