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It's All In The Delivery

Aug 29, 2014

Our Beaver Nation, the development arm of Oregon State Athletics, adopted a very unique way to deliver loge, skybox and suite season football tickets one year ago and the benefit of this effort continues in 2014.

No longer do these premium season ticket holders, and members of Our Beaver Nation, receive their tickets through the mail.  The tickets, along with parking passes for the season, lanyards, Beaver logo pins, guest passes, a fan guide and a media guide are packaged in a box designed by OSU Athletics and manufactured by a company in New York.

A package like this isn’t simply thrown in the mail with a couple stamps.  At least that is not the way Oregon State approaches it.  Members of the Our Beaver Nation office hand delivers these boxes to the loge, suite and skybox ticket holder. 

“This is a really cool way for us to show our appreciation and to deliver something that we are very proud in a very unique way,” said Nicole Markel.

Two years ago Markel, assistant athletic director of donor relations and stewardship, was in Orlando, Fla., for the annual National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics convention perusing the exhibit hall.  It was there she saw the unique way of providing premium tickets. Markel took this idea back to the Oregon State ticket office and assisted in incorporating it into OSU’s process.

The box design and delivery method were an evolution off the original idea, but have proved to be so much more.  According to Tim McGuire, former President of McGuire Bearing, an organization that has been an Our Beaver Nation member for the past 45 years, the box serves a functional purpose as well.

“I like it.  In fact I have a place for it where I keep my tickets.  I actually have last year’s box.  I didn’t throw it away.

“I have parking for the football season. I also kept last year’s basketball tickets as well as some of the name plates for the Skybox.”

Markel hopes fans will continue to keep the boxes as mementos through the years, displaying them in their homes or offices and sharing their entire collection on social media.

The other, and likely more significant, benefit of this program is that it is another great way to make contact, another chance to say thank you, another opportunity to get donors excited about the upcoming season.

This season, as was the case in 2013, targeted donors were notified that season tickets would not be mailed but delivered.  Unlike this season, a year ago they had no idea of how the packaging would appear.

“I think they appreciate it because they know even though this isn’t a huge investment financially, it shows we are proud of what we are delivering,” added Markel. “It shows that we very much want to deliver a first-class experience.”

Our Beaver Nation members agree.  A year ago James Rudd, CEO of Ferguson Wellman Capital Management, Inc., an OSU Foundation Honorary Trustee and co-chair on the Campaign for OSU, which raised over $1 billion for the University, commented on not only the approach and execution but also how it helped to raise the perception of program.

“This is very impressive indeed, a really well thought out idea and the packaging was extremely well done, right down to the black rubber bands.

“Congratulations you guys. Things like this make a real difference in how a program is perceived and that makes everybody better,” praised Rudd.

Tim McGuire echoes those sentiments one year later.

“It’s made me feel special that Michael Rorabaugh would deliver tickets to me rather than just mail them.  It is a nice personal touch and I really liked it.”

“It may seem small to package tickets in a box and deliver them to our donors’ doors versus dropping them in the mail, but it’s a fun and unique way to show our donors how important they are to us,” said Markel.