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The week in social media photos: Sept. 1-7

Sep 7, 2014

Going to tell you this up front that there's a heavy kid theme to this week's The Week. Trust me on this one. We've also got some well done Instagram videos and a double dose of Duck. The week:

This is Sam Ponder's daughter providing a full dose of ADORABLE for us all.

More babies! This little guy is ready to take to the field.

Sticking with our kid theme, here’s some fan support!

As Arizona said it: “How it feels when you wake up knowing that you're an Arizona Wildcat. #BearDown"

THROWback Thursday. Get it? Because these guys used to throw
footballs so it’s a THROWback. Pun.

Lee Corso loves The Duck. LOVES.

Anytime you associate “Seven Nation Army” with something it’s cooler. And this is a sweet video.

The NFL started and UCLA is going to retire Troy Aikman’s #8.

Singing in enemy territory.

Washington women’s volleyball went to Utah and came back with this.

The Inferno brings the heat.

This is what it looks like when Stanford upsets the No. 1 team in the country.

The Buffs took to Gillette Field in New England and beat UMass.