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Mickens And Hall Connect On Big Play

Sep 14, 2014

By Mason Kelley

Marvin Hall always wanted to play quarterback. But, when he was at Dorsey High School in Los Angeles, it was teammate Jaydon Mickens who got the chance to spend time as a passer.

So, when Washington’s coaching staff asked if there were any players capable of throwing the ball on a trick play, Hall was quick to say “I can.”

During Washington’s 44-19 win over Illinois, Hall finally got his chance to throw a pass. In the first quarter, the junior completed a 28-yard pass to Mickens on a trick play.

“Today was the day they called the play,” Hall said. “When my number was called, I was like, ‘You know what? I’ve always wanted to throw the ball.’ I saw Jaydon wide open and just made the play. Just to be able to throw it was amazing. To be able to throw it to him, also, it was a good feeling.”

When Mickens was asked about the play, he said it was “major.”

“It was a momentum shift,” Mickens said. “Something we needed. He put it on the money. I juked that dude. I wish I could have stayed on my feet.”

While Mickens couldn’t find the end zone, the play helped set up Dwayne Washington’s 12-yard touchdown run.

Later in the game, Mickens got his chance to throw a pass. The play didn’t develop as planned. Instead of attempting to force the ball downfield, Mickens threw the ball away.

“Everybody actually said I did good for throwing that ball away,” Mickens said. “I wish it could have been a touchdown, because that would have been the icing on the cake. Hopefully I get another chance to do that.”

Washington coach Chris Petersen has never been shy about attempting trick plays. It keeps opponents guessing, and adds a little extra fun for the players in his program.  

“It’s fun,” Mickens said. “Knowing coach Petersen and how he likes to hang loose and likes to have fun instead of being uptight. It’s just awesome to feel that coming from him and then see that carry over onto the field.”