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Get to Know Your Ticket: California

Sep 18, 2014

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When we started tossing around ideas for our marketing campaign for this year, we kept coming back to one thing, the fans. Over the last year or so, we in Arizona Athletics have really tried to focus on how important the fans are to the overall success of the football program. We eventually landed on the slogan #BeThe1, which was centered around Arizona football being 11+1 with the '11' representing the players on the field and the '1' representing the fans.

To that end, we decided to pair some of our most loyal fans with members of the football program on our collateral materials, including the actual tickets, and we wanted to give everyone some info on those fans. So, each week of a home game, we'll publish an article called 'Get to Know Your Tickets.'

For the California game, Red Man was paired with senior offensive lineman Fabbians Ebbele.

Q: When did you become an Arizona Wildcats Football fan and why?

A: About 10 years ago after moving here from Minneapolis.

Q: How long have you been a season ticket holder?

A: This is my fifth year.

Q: What is your all-time favorite Arizona football moment and why?

A: Beating second-ranked Oregon on Thursday night a few years back. Just a great upset!

Q: Who is your all-time favorite Arizona Wildcat football player and why?

A: Ka’deem--Hometown boy

Q: If you could choose the uniforms for one game, what uniform combo would it be?

A: Red jersey, blue pants, white helmet, just like Red Man!

Q: What role do you think the fans play in a team’s success?

A: Huge role. A loud crowd is always intimidating to the opposing team and makes it hard to communicate. Also, it helps pump up our players. Not in our house!

Q: What is your favorite part about coming to games?

A: Just making a whole day of it, start to finish. Start tailgating 3+ hours before the game then dessert after the game.

Q: Do you have any traditions/rituals that you take pride in during your gameday adventure?

A: Tailgating with the RedBlue Man before each game and handing out Bear Down stickers.

Q: What are fans who don’t come to the games missing out on by not being at Arizona Stadium?

A: Just not the same as on TV. The excitement, noise, fireworks, Wilbur and Wilma, the band, cheerleaders, food, all the other pregame activities around the stadium make coming out just a better overall experience than sitting on the couch! Get your tickets and become part of the game!

Q: How do you feel about every season ticket holder having a ticket with your picture on it?

A: Red Man is excited! I’m blushing. Bear Down beat Cal!

Q: What is your personal message to Wildcat fans who haven’t yet become season ticket holders?

A: It is the best entertainment deal in town! Come out and support the team and make a day of it!