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2014 Pac-12 Football Championship Game

Friday, Dec. 5 | Levi’s® Stadium
TV: FOX at 6 PM PT

Pac-12 Football Championship Game: Oregon clinches Pac-12 North

Nov 8, 2014

Congrats to the Oregon Ducks, the new champions of the Pac-12 North.

Stanford’s two-year run at the top officially came to an end with Oregon’s 51-27 victory over Utah Saturday night. The win moved Oregon to 6-1 in Pac-12 play, and with a win over 3-3 Stanford, the Ducks hold the tiebreaker.

Mark Helfrich and Friends move on to their second Pac-12 Football Championship Game, guaranteeing themselves a Dec. 5 date in Santa Clara at Levi’s Stadium against…

…Well that’s to be decided. Arizona State’s convincing 55-31 win over Notre Dame was impressive, but it did nothing to clear up the Pac-12 South race. Arizona, USC, UCLA and Utah are all still mathematically alive (but need help).

Here’s the most straightforward scenario in the South – if Arizona State wins out, it goes to its second consecutive Pac-12 Football Championship Game. Otherwise, a few different tiebreakers could come into play.

As the only team to beat Arizona State, UCLA has the next-best chance to reach Santa Clara. If UCLA wins out, it would hold the head-to-head tiebreaker with every Pac-12 South team except for Utah. Seeing as though Utah has three conference losses now, a scenario with just Utah and UCLA tied for first is very unlikely (that would also mean UCLA picks up another conference loss to either Stanford or USC, but let's not confuse ourselves too much). 

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If UCLA wins out and Arizona State finishes with two losses, the Bruins would advance to the Pac-12 Football Championship Game regardless of how the rest of the conference shapes up.

The only other team in the South that could finish with two conference losses is Arizona (UCLA winning out means USC would have at least three Pac-12 defeats), and the Bruins have beaten Arizona as well, meaning UCLA would hold the three-way tiebreaker among itself and the Arizona schools.

For all the tiebreaker scenarios, check out that link from the Pac-12 Networks Newsroom.