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Getting To Know: Casey Stangel

Jan 23, 2015

Leading into the 2015 season, we will be doing a “Getting To Know” series to introduce the student-athletes to Husky fans. Today, we talk with Casey Stangel, a sophomore transfer from the University of Missouri.

How has your time at Washington been so far?

My time at UW has been awesome. Coming into I didn’t expect the softball program to be as phenomenal as it is. I had a lot of respect for this softball program and knew that it was great, but I didn’t have a clue it was going to be this amazing. Coach Tarr is so professional and she cares so much. Her ability to coach and teach us is something I’ve never seen before or even thought was possible. It makes me and hopefully everyone else on the team want to be successful and want to win because I feel like that would be the best way to say thank you for everything that our coaches do.

So far, what is your favorite thing about Seattle?

The food. I’ve been to a lot of good restaurants; I’d say that’s been my favorite thing about Seattle. There are so many different types. I like the little hole in the wall places around the city.

You transferred from Missouri where you started 25 games at pitcher. How will your experience pitching in the SEC help you this season in the Pac-12?

I think my experience from last season is going to be really helpful because I’m comfortable in that high pressure, competitive environment that both the SEC and Pac-12 have. Being acclimated to that type of competition is going to be very helpful going into my sophomore year.

You’re one of two pitchers this season who has experience pitching at the D-I level. How important will it be for every pitcher to play their role and work together as a staff?

Experience says a lot but I think the cool thing about our pitching staff is how each one of our pitchers is so different. It’s going to be so important for us this year to have every single pitcher know their role and thrive at that role and work together as a staff. The difference between us and other schools is that we don’t have a number one; we have a lot of selfless attitudes and everyone is really good at being composed and going out there and doing what they need to do. As long as we stick together and pick each other up and work together as a staff, good things will happen this season.

You're from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho but you played travel ball in California. Can you talk about that?

I grew up in California until I was in the sixth grade and then I moved to Idaho, but still continued to play travel ball in California by flying back every weekend. I played with a few of the girls on the team- Kasey Stanchek and Julia DePonte and Kylee Lahner’s dad was one of my travel ball coaches.

What are you most looking forward to this season?

I’m most looking forward to seeing everything come together. I feel like we have prepared so well in the offseason. Our team is half old, half new so learning to work together as one and function as a whole is going to be really cool to see. We have great leaders and people who have amazing work ethics and passion for the game so seeing everyone step up and work together is going to be awesome. I know that we can compete with anyone.

What are your goals for your sophomore season?

My goal is to own my role both offensively and defensively, whatever it may be, and just do everything I can for our team to win. Whether my role is coming in at a certain spot or having a designated place—I want to be composed and work hard at it for my team. Being on such a great team, I’m excited to be a great teammate to all of the people that I’m surrounded by. I want to keep my teammates relaxed and just play the game that we love.

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