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Meet the Pac: Production Manager Lillie Junker

Mar 6, 2015

For the 2015 Pac-12 Women’s Basketball Tournament, Production Manager Lillie Junker has been hard at work to prepare since March 2014.

During the tournament, production crews are estimated to be around for 17 hours. It’s no easy task being able to manage that sort of operation, but it’s what Junker does for her career.

Pac-12 Networks Insider sat down with Junker to chat about her career, daily tasks and more.

How would you describe your position with Pac-12 Networks?

My job is in remote operations. We handle logistics for everything that’s happening from the television perspective on the remote site. Basically, all the coordination between the studio and everything that happens with the production team. We’re the ones who make sure the production truck and the crew are all there, and all of the logistics of getting cameras, cables, power and anything we may need to make it all happen.

How do you deal with any difficulties that may come up?

There are always complications. You’re basically just prepared for anything. The worst case scenario. You really need to rely on all the people working with you. It becomes a family environment. You can’t do it without everyone. Everyone is really knowledgeable and experienced. There are so many different roles from video to audio, cameras, tech managing - we all have to come together to make it happen.

What was your process on trying to prepare for this Tournament?

Well, there’s a lot of people involved. Planning starts at the end of the tournament the year before. We start contracting crew and lining up everyone that’s going to be working the event.

Six months out, it’s a lot of meetings, working with the Conference and our production department to come up with the plan for how our cameras are going to lay out. We also work out the timing and with ESPN, since they come in after us.

Then, there’s catering, hotels and travel to figure out!

What have you been doing since you first arrived in Seattle?

I came straight to KeyArena and did a walk through of the venue. Then, I went shopping for all of the craft services - snacks, water, just things to get us through the day. On site, we’re here when the truck arrives and make sure that it gets powered up and making sure that everyone’s arriving. Then, there are hard drive deliveries, footage requests, we send camera operators out to shoot the trophy and get scenics around the city. Then there’s management and reacting to whatever’s needed.

What do you like the most about this position?

What I like about it is how many different organizations and people are involved.

Aside from being on site from a remote event and delivering the event, A big part of our job is school relationships and working with the schools on all of our big picture operations.

We’re doing this for student athletes. It’s all about the schools and their sports. It feels good to be working with something like that.