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RichRod: Mike Leach once wore a Speedo while swimming in Mexican lagoon

Jul 31, 2015

Football might still be a few weeks away, but a couple of Pac-12 coaches are already going at it. While sitting with Pac-12 Networks' Mike Yam, Curtis Conway and Yogi Roth during 2015 Pac-12 Football Media Days on Friday, Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez shared a great tale involving Washington State coach Mike Leach.

RichRod remembers it vividly -- but whether it's accurate is up for debate. As the legend goes, he was on a Mexican vacation with about 20 other college football coaches and their wives, enjoying a lovely morning by the pool about 10 years ago. As he lounged with other coaches like Joe Paterno and Bobby Bowden at their beachside resort, they couldn't help but notice someone swimming laps in a murky lagoon next to the resort. Back and forth this man went, until he emerged from the water covered in seaweed while wearing a Speedo and googles.

So, who was this champ getting some exercise in the lagoon? According to RichRod, it was none other than Leach.

Later Friday, Leach got a chance to defend himself while chatting with the Pac-12 Networks crew, saying he was wearing a pair of blue swim trunks instead.

"It was probably full of sharks," Leach said, describing the lagoon. "I did have goggles on. But, no, no polka dots. No Speedos. ... There were a bunch of small fish. I don't know if they were Grunions or what running through that pond. So, obviously something big was chasing 'em. Good thing for me, it didn't chase me."

Glad you made it out alive, coach.