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Campus Scoop with Mike Yam at Washington State

Aug 21, 2015
Pac-12 Networks PR

Mike Yam checked in with the Pac-12 Networks PR team to talk about some of the major highlights of his time in Pullman, Wash. See below for his thoughts on the trip: 

One of the main things that stood out about Washington State this year was the athleticism of a lot of their wide receivers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that they have so many playmakers, but one of their newcomers - Kyrin Priester - just stands out when you take a look at him up close. He’s a transfer from Clemson and was a highly sought-after wide receiver coming out of high school. When he has the ball in his hands, he just looks different than the other guys. He’s one of the players that stood out to me. 


Jeremiah Allison, who also popped in on the show, is one of the nicest kids. His story is fantastic, and his drive and determination to be successful is second to none of any student-athlete I’ve come across. To me personally, I know when I’m watching the games that he’s one of the guys I’m going to keep my eye out for. We’re not typically rooting for players specifically, but with his story and personality, he is impossible not to root for. 

I also thought Luke Falk looked really good during his workouts, and Peyton Bender is right on his heels. Mike Leach confirmed to us that there’s still a competition, although Falk is clearly still No.1 right now on the depth chart. 

Football aside, one of the major highlights for me was seeing our old friend and colleague, Ernie Kent. He is one of the happiest people I’ve ever gotten an opportunity to work with. He is embracing Pullman, and loves being on campus. It was great to have him come down to the football field for a little while. He’s making a lot of friends, even with the fraternities! He delivered 400 pizzas to various fraternities on campus. College kids + free food? They’re going to love you.

One of the other highlights was the drive from Pullman to Spokane. I was in the car with Nigel Burton, and it turns out that the two of us know a lot of the words to late 1990’s/early 2000’s hip hop. We were telling stories about various songs that reminded us of some fun times we had when we were in college. In an hour and 40 minute drive, you can figure out that there were a lot of songs that we were listening to that got us to have a lot of laughs.

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