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Pac-12 Announces New Policy Dealing with Misconduct Issues of Transfer Student-Athletes

Mar 12, 2016

LAS VEGAS – The Pac-12 CEO Group – made up of the presidents and chancellors of Pac-12 member institutions – approved a policy prohibiting a transfer from receiving athletic aid or participating in athletics if the transfer student-athlete is unable to re-enroll at a previous institution due to student misconduct, the Conference announced today. 

Under the new policy, student-athlete transfers who are ineligible to re-enroll at any of their previous colleges or universities will be automatically deemed ineligible to receive athletic aid from a Pac-12 university and cannot join any university team or participate in their activities. 

The transfer policy will apply only to student misconduct issues such as assault, harassment, academic fraud, and other violations of campus behavior conduct policies. It will not apply to academic performance reasons unrelated to misconduct.

“This is an important step to strengthen our student-athlete transfer admission processes and to address the safety of our students,” said UCLA Chancellor Gene Block who serves as the Chair of the Pac-12 CEO Group.

To institute the policy, each Pac-12 university will require its student-athlete transfer applicants to self-disclose whether they are eligible to re-enroll at their prior institution. Each Pac-12 university may create an appeal process for student-athletes who are deemed ineligible by this policy.