Jiangsu Overpowers Pac-12 Volleyball in Nanjing

NANJING, China – In the second match of the tour, the Pac-12 All-Star Volleyball team took the court against the Jiangsu professional team in a suburb of Nanjing. The Shanghai team defeated the Pac-12 in three sets (25-21, 25-19, and 25-17).

In the first set, the teams traded scores, with the Jiangsu team in the lead by one or two points. The Pac-12 squad kept it close but the Jiangsu team proved too much for the athletes, winning the set 25-21.

In the second set, Coach Mike Sealy of UCLA started a new lineup of all-stars but earned a similar result to the first set. The teams were neck and neck until the Pac-12 tied the score 9-9 and then Jiangsu went on 6-1 run.

The Pac-12 started to rally at the end of the match, down 15-23, Arizona’s Kalei Mau tallied kill followed by an ace from Adora Anae of Utah. The team’s rally came a little too late and Jiangsu captured the victory, 25-19.

The Pac-12 team looked for redemption in the final match of the day. Similar errors and limited rallies plagued the athletes as Jiangsu swept the Pac-12 team 3-0 with a 25-17 win.

“There were windows during this match where we played at a higher level than we’ve played this far but overall I was pretty disappointed with the match,” said Coach Sealy.

“Regardless of playing with new personnel and the new volleyball environment, there were just too many basic volleyball plays that we didn’t make. I thought that we should have been better with quality of touch and knowing how to defend in certain situation that were pretty generic and didn’t need a specialized plan to defend against. Overall, I think everyone was pretty disappointed with the match.”

Utah’s Adora Anae led the team with a total of 13 kills and 5 aces. “It’s just small things that coach talked to us, like making tighter blocks and defensively getting in the right spot” said Anae. “If we just change those things and if we get back into the flow of things, then we should be good moving forward.”

Sumeet Gill from Oregon – “It’s not that different. Their style of play in the back line is similar to that in the states.”

“Overall, we need to focus on communication and actually be engaged more. Off the court, the girls are meshing super well and we just need that to translate that onto the court. There are a lot of silly plays that we don’t actually go for and end up leading to runs against us and we end up being just short in a match by those points. If we really cleaned it up and put together all the training that we’ve had over the years and we’re all experienced players and we all know what we’re doing out there. We just need to learn to adjust and communicate better on the court with the limited time that we have.”

The team will take the high-speed train to Beijing tomorrow and will tip-off their series against Chinese national teams on Tuesday.

The tour is another milestone for Pac-12 Global, an initiative to promote goodwill and transformative life experiences through student-athlete exchanges and sport, and to showcase the Conference and its member institutions in China. Student-athlete tours have been organized in the sports of men’s and women’s basketball, as well as women’s volleyball. Coaching clinics have also been organized with Pac-12 coaches sharing their knowledge of sport with Chinese groups both abroad in China and at member campuses, as well as hosting exhibition games with some of China’s top teams in women’s volleyball and women’s soccer. This past November, the Conference hosted the Pac-12 China Game in Shanghai, becoming the first ever league - college or professional - to host a regular season basketball game in China. For more information about Pac-12 Global, visit http://pac-12.com/global.