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Academic All-District / All-Americans

Jul 1, 2016

Academic All-Americans

Year Player Position Team
2021 Brendan Beck P 1st
Academic All-America of the Year
2021 Brock Jones OF 2nd
2021 Tim Tawa 2B 2nd
2017 Matt Winaker 1B 3rd
2016 Tommy Edman SS 2nd
2014 Danny Diekroeger INF 2nd
2012 Kenny Diekroeger INF 2nd
2002 Chris O'Riordan INF 2nd
2002 Jason Cooper DH 2nd
1989 Paul Carey OF 2nd
1985 Pete Stanicek INF 2nd
1984 John Verducci SS 3rd
1984 Pete Stanicek 2B 2nd
1983 Mike Dotterer OF 2nd
1982 Mike Dotterer OF 3rd
1980 Paul Zuvella 2B 3rd
1978 Tom Guardino 1B 2nd
1972 Tom Williams OF 1st

Academic All-District

Year Player Position Team
2021 Brendan Beck RHP 1st
2021 Kody Huff C 1st
2021 Brock Jones OF 1st
2021 Tim Tawa INF 1st
2019 Maverick Handley C 1st
2019 Jack Little P 1st
2017 Andrew Summerville P 1st
2017 Matt Winaker INF 1st
2016 Tommy Edman INF 1st
2016 Andrew Summerville P 1st
2015 Tommy Edman INF 1st
2014 Danny Diekroeger INF 1st
2013 Danny Diekroeger INF 1st
2012 Kenny Diekroeger INF 1st
2011 Kenny Diekroeger INF 1st
2007 David Stringer P 1st
2005 Chris Minaker INF 1st
2005 Mark Romanczuk P 2nd
2004 Danny Putnam OF 1st
2003 John Hudgins P 1st
2002 Jason Cooper DH 1st
2002 Jeremy Guthrie P 1st
2002 Chris O'Riordan INF 1st

Records of Academic All-District selections unavailable prior to 2002