Pac-12 all-stars visit Melbourne Zoo

MELBOURNE, Australia – A visit to the Melbourne Zoo provided some “excitement” for the Pac-12 Men’s Basketball All-Star Team.

With preparations for Tuesday’s showdown with the Australian Men’s Basketball Olympic Team (Basketball Australia) nearly complete, the Pac-12 All-Stars and the accompanying travel party spent Monday afternoon at the Melbourne Zoo.

The Pac-12 All-Stars enjoyed a private tour of the famous Melbourne Zoo, taking in all the sights. From koala bears, to giraffes, to kangaroos, the group really got to experience all that Australia offers.

Everyone had their cell phones and cameras out capturing the moments. The group had the opportunity to touch a snake and come within inches of kangaroos of all sizes.

One experience at the zoo, however, provided the moment of the trip for all.

During its tour of the zoo grounds, the Pac-12 All-Stars came upon the lion inside his fenced in area. He was sleeping (lions typically are only awake for three hours of each day). The group moved on and continued its tour of the zoo, when a loud roar was heard in the distance.

On their way out of the zoo, the group decided to return to the area where the lion was living to take a team photo. The lion was standing on the hill in its fenced in area providing the backdrop for a perfect team photo.

After capturing that moment for a couple minutes, the group turned around for its team photo. The lion decided he would like a closer look at the Pac-12 All-Stars and slowly walked down the hill up to the fence where the group was standing for its team photo. The up-close presence of the lion (safely behind its fenced in area) sent the group scattering all over the place. From running to the side, to running far away from the fence, individuals had their own unique reaction.

It was a moment that could never be duplicated and provided laughs for all for the rest of the day. All the lion wanted was to get a better spot in the team photo.

If you are reading this and are curious about that team photo… it was never taken.