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AVP Tour

Jul 15, 2016

Over the years, a number of former Stanford players have competed in AVP and other major beach events all around the world.

Stanford's most successful alum to play on the beach is Kerri Walsh '00, who is considered one of the world's best female beach volleyball players. Walsh is a two-time AVP MVP (2003, 2004) and was a part of the Tour's Team of the Year for more than six seasons. She was also named AVP Best Offensive Player in 2003. She was chosen as the FIVB's Best Blocker and Sportsperson for four straight seasons.

With partner Misty May-Treanor, Walsh won 12 of the 15 AVP Crocs Tour events she entered in 2008, never finishing lower than third. Regarded as the most dominant team in the history of the sport, May-Treanor and Walsh set an unprecedented winning streak with 112 match wins in a row and 19 consecutive titles. The golden duo's record setting streak lasted more than a year (Aug. 19, 2007- Aug. 31, 2008) and shattered their own previous record marks of 89 straight match wins and 15 straight tournaments, set before the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

Named the Top Rookie on the tour in 2017, Alix Klineman '11 has partnered up with April Ross to form one of the strongest teams on the beach today. With Ross, Klineman became just the third woman to win her international beach debut in the Netherlands in 2018. The pair also won five straight AVP titles in 2019.

Stanford's AVP Participants

Chris Anderson
Cynthia Barboza
Brooke Binley
Sarah Clark
Tara Conrad
Karissa Cook
Amy Cooper
Sara Dukes
Deidra Dvorak
Barbra Fontana
Jaimi Gregory
Piper Hahn
Shawn Hoover
Brittany Howard
Wendy Hromadka
Barbara Ifejika
Ashley Ivy
Kristin Klein
Alix Klineman
Debbie Lambert
Lisa Murphy
Alex Newell
Sherry Norman
Kim Oden
Kristi Paaso
Kathryn Plummer
Nancy Reno
Kristin Richards
Logan Tom
Kerri Walsh
Cary Wendell
Carly Wopat