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Women's Soccer Regional Honors

Jan 1, 2017

Regional Honors

Pacific Region Coach of the Year/Staff of the Year (2016-current)
2016    Paul Ratcliffe    NSCAA
2015    Paul Ratcliffe    NSCAA
2011    Paul Ratcliffe    NSCAA
2010    Paul Ratcliffe    NSCAA
2009    Paul Ratcliffe    NSCAA
2008    Paul Ratcliffe    NSCAA
1993    Ian Sawyers    NSCAA

Academic All-District Team
2022    Ryan Campbell (College Sports Communicators)
            Maya Doms (College Sports Communicators)
            Sierra Enge (College Sports Communicators)
            Abby Greubel (College Sports Communicators)
            Paige Rubinestein (College Sports Communicators)
            Kennedy Wesley (College Sports Communicators)
2021    Maya Doms    First Team (CoSIDA)
            Sierra Enge    First Team (CoSIDA)
            Naomi Girma    First Team (CoSIDA)
            Jojo Harber    Second Team (CoSIDA)            
2020-21 Sierra Enge    First Team (CoSIDA)
            Madison Haley    First Team (CoSIDA)
            Katie Meyer    First Team (CoSIDA)
            Kiki Pickett    First Team (CoSIDA)
2019   Madison Haley    First Team (CoSIDA)
            Catarina Macario    First Team (CoSIDA)
            Naomi Girma    Second Team (CoSIDA)
2018    Alana Cook        First Team (CoSIDA)
            Jordan DiBiasi    First Team (CoSIDA)
            Catarina Macario    First Team (CoSIDA)
2017    Michelle Xiao        First Team (CoSIDA, United Coaches)
            Alison Jahansouz    Second Team    (United Coaches)
2016    Maddie Bauer    First Team (CoSIDA, NSCAA)
    Andi Sullivan First Team (NSCAA)
2015    Stephanie Amack    First Team (CoSIDA)
    Andi Sullivan    Second Team (CoSIDA)
2014    Taylor Uhl    First Team (CoSIDA)
    Hannah Farr    Second Team (CoSIDA)
    Kendall Romine     Second Team (CoSIDA)
2013    Natalie Griffen    First Team (Capital One)
2012    Mariah Nogueira    First Team (NSCAA, CoSIDA)
    Courtney Verloo    First Team (NSCAA, CoSIDA)
2011    Teresa Noyola    First Team  (NSCAA, CoSIDA)
    Mariah Nogueira    Second Team (NSCAA)
2010    Kira Maker    First Team (CoSIDA)
    Teresa Noyola    First Team (CoSIDA)
    Christen Press    First Team (CoSIDA)
2009    Kira Maker    First Team (CoSIDA)
    Kelley O'Hara    First Team (CoSIDA)
    Christen Press    Second Team (CoSIDA)
    Ali Riley    Second Team (CoSIDA)
    Teresa Noyola    Third Team (CoSIDA)
2008    Kira Maker    First Team (ESPN The Magazine)

All-Pacific/West Region
2022    Jasmine Aikey    First Team (United Coaches)
            Maya Doms    First Team (United Coaches)
            Elise Evans    First Team (United Coaches)
            Kennedy Wesley    First Team (United Coaches)
            Ryan Campbell    Third Team (United Coaches)
2021    Maya Doms    First Team (United Coaches)
            Naomi Girma    First Team (United Coaches)
            Sierra Enge    Third Team (United Coaches)
2020-21    Kiki Pickett        First Team (United Coaches)
            Sierra Enge          Second Team (United Coaches)
2019    Namoi Girma        First Team (United Coaches)
            Madison Haley     First Team (United Coaches)
            Catarina Macario    First Team (United Coaches)
            Kiki Pickett              First Team (United Coaches)
           Katie Meyer          Third Team (United Coaches)
2018    Alana Cook        First Team (United Coaches)
            Jordan DiBiasi     First Team (United Coaches)
            Tegan McGrady    First Team (United Coaches)
            Catarina Macario    First Team (United Coaches)
            Alison Jahansouz    Second Team (United Coaches)
2017    Andi Sullivan        First Team (United Coaches)
            Tierna Davidson    First Team (United Coaches)
            Catarina Macario    First Team (United Coaches)
            Kyra Carusa            Second Team (United Coaches)
2016    Maddie Bauer    First Team (NSCAA)
    Jane Campbell    First Team (NSCAA)
    Kyra Carusa    Third Team (NSCAA)
    Jordan DiBiasi    Second Team (NSCAA)
    Andi Sullivan    First Team (NSCAA)
2015    Maddie Bauer    First Team (NSCAA)
    Jane Campbell    First Team (NSCAA)
    Haley Rosen    First Team (NSCAA)
    Andi Sullivan    First Team (NSCAA)
    Alana Cook    Second Team (NSCAA)
2014    Lo'eau LaBonta    First Team (NSCAA)
    Chioma Ubogagu    First Team (NSCAA)
    Jane Campbell    Second Team (NSCAA)
    Andi Sullivan    Second Team (NSCAA)
2013    Maddie Bauer    First Team (NSCAA)
    Lo'eau LaBonta    First Team (NSCAA)
    Courtney Verloo    First Team (NSCAA)
2012     Mariah Nogueira    First Team (NSCAA)
    Alina Garciamendez    First Team (NSCAA)
    Rachel Quon    First Team (NSCAA)
    Emily Oliver    Second Team (NSCAA)
    Chioma Ubogagu    Second Team (NSCAA)
    Courtney Verloo    Third Team (NCSAA)
2011    Alina Garciamendez    First Team (NSCAA)
    Camille Levin     First Team (NSCAA)
    Teresa Noyola    First Team (NSCAA)
    Emily Oliver    First Team (NSCAA)
    Lindsay Taylor    First Team (NSCAA)
    Chioma Ubogagu    Second Team (NSCAA)
2010    Mariah Nogueira     First Team (NSCAA)
    Teresa Noyola     First Team (NSCAA)
    Christen Press    First Team (NSCAA)
    Courtney Verloo    First Team (NSCAA)
    Lindsay Taylor    Second Team (NSCAA)
2009    Mariah Nogueira    First Team (NSCAA)
    Kelley O'Hara    First Team (NSCAA)
    Christen Press    First Team (NSCAA)
    Rachel Quon    First Team (NSCAA)
    Ali Riley    First Team (NSCAA)
2008    Marisa Abegg    First Team (NSCAA, Soccer Buzz)
    Teresa Noyola    First Team (NSCAA, Soccer Buzz)
    Kelley O'Hara    First Team (NSCAA, Soccer Buzz)
    Lindsay Taylor     First Team (NSCAA, Soccer Buzz)
    Christen Press    Second Team (NSCAA, Soccer Buzz)
    Kira Maker    Third Team (NSCAA, Soccer Buzz)
    Allison Falk    Third Team (Soccer Buzz)
2007    Rachel Buehler     First Team (ESPN/CoSIDA)
2006    Rachel Buehler     First Team (NSCAA, Soccer Buzz)
    Kelley O'Hara    Second Team (NSCAA, Soccer Buzz)
    Shari Summers     Second Team (NSCAA, Soccer Buzz)
    Marisa Abegg     Third Team (Soccer Buzz)
    Alicia Jenkins     Freshman Team (Soccer Buzz)
    Kristin Stannard     Freshman Team (Soccer Buzz)
2005    Hayley Hunt     Second Team (NSCAA)
    Rachel Buehler     Third Team (NSCAA)
2004    Nicole Barnhart     First Team (NSCAA, Soccer Buzz)
    Hayley Hunt     First Team (NSCAA)
        Second Team (Soccer Buzz)
    Jenny Farenbaugh     Second Team (NSCAA, Soccer Buzz)
    Leah Tapscott     Second Team (NSCAA)
        Third Team (Soccer Buzz)
    Marcie Ward     Second Team (NSCAA)
2003    Nicole Barnhart     First Team (NSCAA)
    Allyson Marquand     Second Team (NSCAA)
    Natalie Spilger     Second Team (NSCAA)
2002    Nicole Barnhart     First Team (NSCAA)
    Marcia Wallis     First Team (NSCAA)
    Marcie Ward     Second Team (NSCAA)
    Callie Withers     First Team (NSCAA)
2001    Amy Sauer     First Team (NSCAA)
    Marcie Ward     First Team (NSCAA)
    Marcia Wallis     Second Team (NSCAA)
    Callie Withers     Second Team (NSCAA)
    Natalie Spilger     Third Team (NSCAA)
2000    Marcie Ward     First Team (NSCAA)
    Amy Sauer     Second Team (NSCAA)
1999    Ronnie Fair     First Team (NSCAA)
    Jen O'Sullivan     Second Team (NSCAA)
    Marcia Wallis     Second Team (NSCAA)
1997     Emily Burt     Second Team (NSCAA)
    Ronnie Fair     Second Team (NSCAA)
    Elie Foster     Second Team (NSCAA)
1996     Erin Martin     First Team (NSCAA)
1995     Jessica Fischer     First Team (NSCAA)
1994     Jessica Fischer     First Team (NSCAA)
    Carmel Murphy     First Team (NSCAA)
1993     Jessica Fischer     Defensive MVP, First Team (Soccer News)
    Leslie Garrard     First Team (Soccer News)
    Sarah Rafanelli     First Team (Soccer News)
1992     Julie Foudy     First Team (NSCAA)
    Sarah Rafanelli     First Team (NSCAA)
    Jessica Fischer     Second Team (NSCAA)
    Carmel Murphy     Second Team (NSCAA)
1991     Julie Foudy     First Team (NSCAA)
    Sarah Rafanelli     First Team (NSCAA)
1990     Julie Foudy     First Team (NSCAA)
    Sarah Rafanelli     First Team (NSCAA)
1989     Julie Foudy     First Team (NSCAA)
    Heather McIntrye     First Team (NSCAA)
    Jennifer Rowland     First Team (NSCAA)
1988     Jennifer Rowland     First Team (NSCAA)
    Elise Edwards     Second Team (NSCAA)
    Heather McIntyre     Second Team (NSCAA)
1985     Cheryl Gustafson     Second Team (ICSAA)

All-Freshman West Region
2008    Camille Levin     Soccer Buzz
    Teresa Noyola    Soccer Buzz
    Lindsay Taylor    Soccer Buzz