NCAA West Prelims: Oregon, USC lead Pac-12 in qualifiers heading into NCAA Championships

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The NCAA West Preliminaries wrapped up Saturday in Sacramento, cementing who will head to Eugene for the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships June 6-9. All 12 conference schools will be represented at the championships with Oregon leading the way in qualifier count. USC is behind the Ducks.


Two of the Pac-12’s three qualifiers in the men’s high jump represent Arizona: Bryant O’Georgia and Justice Summerset. But the biggest headline of the day for the Wildcats involves Jordan Geist. He placed second in the men’s shot put with a throw of 20.27 meters, 0.14 meters behind the first-place mark.

Arizona State

Kaylee Antill was the Sun Devils’ only qualifier on Saturday. A hammer throw competitor, she threw the fourth-best distance of the day (63.89 meters) to qualify for the NCAA Championships.


The Bears added five qualifiers to their list on Saturday, four of which are for field events. McKay Johnson and Peter Simon advance in the men’s shot put, while Tuomas Kaukolahti and Ashley Anderson move on in the men’s and women’s high jump competitions.


Two Buffs advanced to Eugene on Saturday, and competed in the 5,000-meter run. Zach Perrin, a senior, crossed the finish line ninth in 13:50.83, and Erin Clark, also a senior, placed eighth in the women’s race in 15:30.59.


The Ducks more than doubled their list of qualifiers on Saturday. Oregon’s women’s relay teams were among the highlights as they claimed the top spots in the 4x100 and 4x400-meter relays. Lauren Rain Williams and Jasmin Reed also finished fourth and fifth, respectively, in the 200-meter dash.

Oregon State

Destiny Dawson, the women’s javelin thrower who qualified on Thursday, will have to bear the torch for the Beavs in Eugene as the only Oregon State qualifier this year.


The Cardinal stood out in the women’s 1500-meter run, claiming two of the top three qualifying times. Elise Cranny posted a 4:12.49 mark, finishing second in the top heat, and Christina Aragon ran a 4:12.73, good enough to win the second heat and place third overall.


Alyssa Wilson placed fifth in the women’s hammer throw (63.85 meters), advancing to the NCAA Championships. The freshman now has qualified for two events after advancing in the discus on Friday.


The Trojan women absolutely dominated the 100-meter hurdles, posting four of the event’s 12 qualifying times. Chanel Brissett (12.86, second), Dior Hall (12.91, fourth), Anna Cockrell (12.99, sixth) and Mecca McGlaston (13.27, 12th) all advanced to the NCAA Championships in the event. The 200-meter dash was another standout event for USC as Deanna Hill and Twanisha Terry ran the top two times.


Grayson Murphy will be the Utes’ lone representative at the NCAA Championships after her qualifying performance in the women’s 3,000-meter steeplechase on Friday.


A pair of 5,000-meter runners will rock the purple and gold for UW in Eugene: senior Colby Gilbert for the men (13:49.90, eighth) and senior Amy-Eloise Neale for the women (15:29.89, 7th).

Washington State

The 1,500-meter run treated the Cougs well on Saturday. Chandler Teigen placed eighth in the men’s race with a qualifying time of 3:43.41, while Kaili Keefe just squeezed through to the next round with a 12th-place finish and a qualifying time of 4:16.57.


BY TEAM (50 men's, 78 women's event qualifiers)

Arizona (9 + 2 relays)
Collins Kibet - Men’s 800-Meter Run
Maksims Sincukovs - Men’s 400-Meter Hurdles
Turner Washington - Men’s Discus Throw
Jordan Geist - Men’s Discus Throw
Bailey Roth - Men’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase
Women’s 4x100-Meter Relay team
Bryant O’Georgia - Men’s High Jump
Justice Summerset - Men’s High Jump
Jordan Geist - Men’s Shot Put
Women’s 4x400-Meter Relay team
Alissa Thompson - Heptathlon

Arizona State (5)
Maggie Ewen - Women's Shot Put
Samantha Noennig - Women's Shot Put
Alethia Marrero - Women’s 800-Meter Run
Maggie Ewen - Women’s Discus Throw
Kaylee Antill - Women’s Hammer

California (8)
Silviu Bocancea - Men's Hammer
McKay Johnson - Men’s Discus Throw
Lauren Martinez - Women’s Pole Vault
Ashtyn Davis - Men’s 110-Meter Hurdles
McKay Johnson - Men’s Shot Put
Peter Simon - Men’s Shot Put
Ashley Anderson - Women’s Triple Jump
Tuomas Kaukolahti - Men’s Triple Jump

Colorado (7)
Makena Morley - Women's 10,000-Meter Run
Erin Clark - Women's 10,000-Meter Run
Kaitlyn Benner - Women's 10,000-Meter Run
Elissa Mann - Women’s 800-Meter Run
Val Constien - Women’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase
Zach Perrin - Men’s 5,000-Meter Run
Erin Clark - Women’s 5,000-Meter Run

Oregon (27 + 3 relays)
Keira McCarrell - Women's Javelin
Damarcus Simpson - Men's Long Jump
Rhesa Foster - Women's Long Jump
Alli Cash - Women's 10,000-Meter Run
Orwin Emilien - Men’s 400-Meter Dash
Makenzie Dunmore - Women’s 400-Meter Dash
Hannah Waller - Women’s 400-Meter Dash
Briyahna DesRosiers - Women’s 400-Meter Dash
Cravon Gillespie - Men’s 100-Meter Dash
Jasmin Reed - Women’s 100-Meter Dash
Ariana Washington - Women’s 100-Meter Dash
Sabrina Southerland - Women’s 800-Meter Run
Women’s 4x100-Meter Relay team
Sam Prakel - Men’s 1500-Meter Run
Mick Stanovsek - Men’s 1500-Meter Run
Jessica Hull - Women’s 1500-Meter Run
Braxton Canady - Men’s 110-Meter Hurdles
Alaysha Johnson - Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles
Cravon Gillespie - Men’s 200-Meter Dash
Lauren Rain Williams - Women’s 200-Meter Dash
Jasmin Reed - Women’s 200-Meter Dash
Ariana Washington - Women’s 200-Meter Dash
Cooper Teare - Men’s 5,000-Meter Run
John Nizich - Men’s Javelin
Lilli Burdon - Women’s 5,000-Meter Run
Samantha Nadel - Women’s 5,000-Meter Run
Ben Milligan - Men’s High Jump
Chaquinn Cook - Women’s Triple Jump
Men’s 4x400-Meter Relay team
Women’s 4x400-Meter Relay team

Oregon State (1)
Destiny Dawson - Women's Javelin

Stanford (16 + 3 relays)
Mackenzie Little - Women's Javelin
Jenna Gray - Women's Javelin
Lena Giger - Women's Shot Put
Olivia Baker - Women’s 800-Meter Run
Valarie Allman - Women’s Discus Throw
Kaitlyn Merritt - Women’s Pole Vault
Erika Malaspina - Women’s Pole Vault
Steven Fahy - Men’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase
Men’s 4x100-Meter Relay team
Elise Cranny - Women’s 1500-Meter Run
Christina Aragon - Women’s 1500-Meter Run
Grant Fisher - Men’s 5,000-Meter Run
Sean McGorty - Men’s 5,000-Meter Run
Valarie Allman - Women’s Hammer
Trevor Danielson - Men’s Javelin
Vanessa Fraser - Women’s 5,000-Meter Run
Men’s 4x400-Meter Relay team
Women's 4x400-Meter Relay team
Harrison Williams - Decathlon

UCLA (9)
Justin Stafford - Men's Hammer
Alyssa Wilson - Women's Shot Put
Robert Brandt - Men's 10,000-Meter Run
Alyssa Wilson - Women’s Discus Throw
Alyssa Wilson - Women’s Hammer
Simon Litzell - Men’s Javelin
Marian Spannowsky - Men’s Javelin
Jessie Maduka - Women’s Triple Jump
Kendall Gustafson - Heptathlon

USC (24 + 3 relays)
Lyndsey Lopes - Women's High Jump, Heptathlon
Madisen Richards - Women's Long Jump
Michael Norman - Men’s 400-Meter Dash
Ricky Morgan Jr. - Men’s 400-Meter Dash
Kendall Ellis - Women’s 400-Meter Dash
Kyra Constantine - Women’s 400-Meter Dash
TJ Brock - Men’s 100-Meter Dash
Twanisha Terry - Women’s 100-Meter Dash
Deanna Hill - Women’s 100-Meter Dash
Anglerne Annelus - Women’s 100-Meter Dash
Robert Ford - Men’s 800-Meter Run
Rai Benjamin - Men’s 400-Meter Hurdles
Cameron Samuel - Men’s 400-Meter Hurdles
Anna Cockrell - Women’s 400-Meter Hurdles
Shante Robinson - Women’s 400-Meter Hurdles
Women’s 4x100-Meter Relay team
Chanel Brissett - Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles
Dior Hall - Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles
Anna Cockrell - Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles
Mecca McGlaston - Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles
Deanna Hill - Women’s 200-Meter Dash
Twanisha Terry - Women’s 200-Meter Dash
Anglerne Annelus - Women’s 200-Meter Dash
Nicholas Ponzio - Men’s Shot Put
Men’s 4x400-Meter Relay team
Women’s 4x400-Meter Relay team

Utah (1)
Grayson Murphy - Women’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase

Washington (4)
Andrew Gardner - Men’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase
Emily Hamlin - Women’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase
Colby Gilbert - Men’s 5,000-Meter Run
Amy-Eloise Neale - Women’s 5,000-Meter Run

Washington State (6)
Brock Eager - Men's Hammer
Sander Moldau - Men's Pole Vault
Stephanie Cho - Women’s 400-Meter Hurdles
Chandler Teigen - Men’s 1500-Meter Run
Kaili Keefe - Women’s 1500-Meter Run
Alissa Brooks-Johnson - Heptathlon

BY EVENT (128 event qualifiers)

Men's Hammer (3)
Silviu Bocancea - CAL
Justin Stafford - UCLA
Brock Eager - WSU

Women's Javelin (4)
Mackenzie Little - STAN
Keira McCarrell - ORE
Jenna Gray - STAN
Destiny Dawson - OSU

Women's High Jump (1)
Lyndsey Lopes - USC

Women's Shot Put (4)
Maggie Ewen - ASU
Lena Giger - STAN
Alyssa Wilson - UCLA
Samantha Noennig - ASU

Men's Long Jump (1)
Damarcus Simpson - ORE

Men's Pole Vault (1)
Sander Moldau - WSU

Women's Long Jump (2)
Madisen Richards - USC
Rhesa Foster - ORE

Men's 10,000-Meter Run (1)
Robert Brandt - UCLA

Women's 10,000-Meter Run (4)
Makena Morley - COLO
Erin Clark - COLO
Kaitlyn Benner - COLO
Alli Cash - ORE

Men’s 400-Meter Dash (3)
Michael Norman - USC
Ricky Morgan Jr. - USC
Orwin Emilien - ORE

Women’s 400-Meter Dash (5)
Kendall Ellis - USC
Makenzie Dunmore - ORE
Hannah Waller - ORE
Briyahna DesRosiers - ORE
Kyra Constantine - USC

Men’s 100-Meter Dash (2)
Cravon Gillespie - ORE
TJ Brock - USC

Women’s 100-Meter Dash (5)
Twanisha Terry - USC
Deanna Hill - USC
Jasmin Reed - ORE
Anglerne Annelus - USC
Ariana Washington - ORE

Men’s 800-Meter Run (2)
Robert Ford - USC
Collins Kibet - ARIZ

Women’s 800-Meter Run (4)
Sabrina Southerland - ORE
Alethia Marrero - ASU
Olivia Baker - STAN
Elissa Mann - COLO

Men’s 400-Meter Hurdles (3)
Rai Benjamin - USC
Maksims Sincukovs - ARIZ
Cameron Samuel - USC

Women’s 400-Meter Hurdles (3)
Anna Cockrell - USC
Shante Robinson - USC
Stephanie Cho - WSU

Men’s Discus Throw (3)
McKay Johnson - CAL
Turner Washington - ARIZ
Jordan Geist - ARIZ

Women’s Discus Throw (3)
Valarie Allman - STAN
Maggie Ewen - ASU
Alyssa Wilson - UCLA

Women’s Pole Vault (3)
Kaitlyn Merritt - STAN
Lauren Martinez - CAL
Erika Malaspina - STAN

Men’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase (3)
Steven Fahy - STAN
Andrew Gardner - WASH
Bailey Roth - ARIZ

Women’s 3,000-Meter Steeplechase (3)
Val Constien - COLO
Grayson Murphy - UTAH
Emily Hamlin - WASH

Men’s 4x100-Meter Relay (1)

Women’s 4x100-Meter Relay (3)

Men’s 1500-Meter Run (3)
Sam Prakel - ORE
Chandler Teigen - WSU
Mick Stanovsek - ORE

Women’s 1500-Meter Run (4)
Elise Cranny - STAN
Christina Aragon - STAN
Jessica Hull - ORE
Kaili Keefe - WSU

Men’s 110-Meter Hurdles (2)
Braxton Canady - ORE
Ashtyn Davis - CAL

Women’s 100-Meter Hurdles (5)
Chanel Brissett - USC
Dior Hall - USC
Alaysha Johnson - ORE
Anna Cockrell - USC
Mecca McGlaston - USC

Men’s 200-Meter Dash (1)
Cravon Gillespie - ORE

Women’s 200-Meter Dash (6)
Deanna Hill - USC
Twanisha Terry - USC
Lauren Rain Williams - ORE
Jasmin Reed - ORE
Anglerne Annelus - USC
Ariana Washington - ORE

Men’s 5,000-Meter Run (5)
Grant Fisher - STAN
Sean McGorty - STAN
Colby Gilbert - WASH
Zach Perrin - COLO
Cooper Teare - ORE

Women’s 5,000-Meter Run (5)
Vanessa Fraser - STAN
Amy-Eloise Neale - WASH
Erin Clark - COLO
Lilli Burdon - ORE
Samantha Nadel - ORE

Men’s 4x400-Meter Relay (3)

Women’s 4x400-Meter Relay (4)

Women’s Hammer (3)
Kaylee Antill - ASU
Alyssa Wilson - UCLA
Valarie Allman - STAN

Men’s Javelin (4)
John Nizich - ORE
Simon Litzell - UCLA
Trevor Danielson - STAN
Marian Spannowsky - UCLA

Men’s High Jump (3)
Ben Milligan - ORE
Bryant O’Georgia - ARIZ
Justice Summerset - ARIZ

Men’s Shot Put (4)
Jordan Geist - ARIZ
McKay Johnson - CAL
Peter Simon - CAL
Nicholas Ponzio - USC

Women’s Triple Jump (3)
Jessie Maduka - UCLA
Chaquinn Cook - ORE
Ashley Anderson - CAL

Men’s Triple Jump (1)
Tuomas Kaukolahti - CAL

Decathlon (1)
Harrison Williams - STAN

Heptathlon (4)
Alissa Brooks-Johnson - WSU
Kendall Gustafson - UCLA
Alissa Thompson - ARIZ
Lyndsey Lopes - USC

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