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2018 Pac-12 Football
Media Day

July 25 on Pac-12 Network
Hollywood & Highland | Hollywood, CA

2018 Pac-12 Football Media Day: Colorado's Steven Montez sheds frozen pizzas, upgrades to 'calculus' level of football

Jul 25, 2018

Did Steven Montez just become the most relatable quarterback in the Pac-12? After admitting to a certain addiction Wednesday at Pac-12 Football Media Day … yeah, I think so.

“Frozen pizzas are, like, my kryptonite,” Montez confessed in an interview with Pac-12 Networks' Ashley Adamson and Yogi Roth.

The junior provided the full breakdown of how he used to eat. Keywords: used to.

“In a single day I would probably eat about two (frozen pizzas) for lunch, two for dinner, and then probably have one at, like, 10 o’clock at night while I’m watching a TV show," Montez said. "And then I’d be downing these pizzas with a full glass of Dr. Pepper.”

Anyone else getting a stomach ache?

Those days are long gone for Montez, though. Even if the price is right at $1.39 apiece.

On the Pac-12 Networks set, Buffs coach Mike MacIntyre told Mike Yam that he got on his QB’s case two years ago when he was gasping for breath in a game against Oregon. (To be fair, who wouldn’t in that situation?)

“Coach (Brian) Lindgren — who’s now the offensive coordinator at Oregon State — he’s up in the box going, ‘Mike, what’s going on with Steven? Is he hurt or something?’ I said, ‘No! He’s just fat and out of shape!’ So I called a timeout and started ribbing him.”

From then on, Montez turned around his eating habits and got more serious about his fitness. Now, he’s taking over a Buffs team looking to rebound from what was considered a step back for the program in 2017 — just five wins on the season and two in conference play.

They’re predicted to finish fifth in the Pac-12 South per the preseason media poll, but MacIntyre is eager to see what Montez will unleash on the field in his junior season.

“We’re excited about Steven and seeing him improve in the understanding of the game,” MacIntyre said. “He’s kind of gone from algebra to calculus and really understands it. It’s pretty impressive what he’s done off the field in that area.”

Colorado's season kicks off Friday, Aug. 31 against Colorado State.