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At a glance: 2019 Pac-12 Sustainability Conference

Jun 27, 2019
Pac-12 Networks Newsroom
Hosted by the University of Washington, the 2019 Pac-12 Sustainability Conference featured several highlights with over 180 attending the two-day event. Wrapping up the event's final day, Roger McClendon, executive director of the Green Sports Alliance, took the stage with his father, Dr. John McClendon, to discuss the need for focusing on sustainability from a broader perspective as it relates to social justice and racial equality. A professor in the department of philosphy at Michigan State University, Dr. McClendon noted:
"If we clean the air up and clean the water up, only for a certain group of people, we still haven’t solved the problem. You can clean up certain parts of a state or a certain region of a state, and then see that the other parts of that region do not have the same situation.”
Other moments from throughout the two-day event included:

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