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Q&A With USC Quality Control Analyst Chris Claiborne

Jun 23, 2020

Chris Claiborne, an All-American linebacker for the Trojans and the only Butkus Award winner in USC history, recently returned to Troy as a quality control analyst for the football team. On Monday, Claiborne took over the USC Athletics Instagram account to answer some questions from fans.

Here are the highlights:

Q: What players did you look up to growing up?
A: Marshall Faulk and Sammy Knight, because he's from my hometown.

Q: What was your favorite post-practice meal from your days at USC?
A: My favorite post-practice meal would have to be Pasta Roma. I still hit there when I come around campus. It's a classic place. One of the best food places around.

Q: What was your most memorable defensive play at USC?
A: Besides the pick-six when I scored and spun, I would say was the fourth down stop versus Florida State on fourth-and-1 in Florida. Had to go over there, grab him, pull him behind the line of scrimmage.

Q: What was your favorite game at USC?
A: Favorite was SC - Notre Dame, 1998 at the Coliseum. I think we won that game 10-0.

Q: What school did you most look forward to playing while at USC?
A: I looked forward to playing every game, because I knew I was at USC and everyone wanted to beat us, so it gave me a chance to ball.

Q: Who was the hardest player to tackle in college and in the NFL?
A: The hardest player to tackle in college was definitely Corey Dillon. And in the pros, Stephen Davis. They were both hogs.

Q: Who is your favorite USC football player ever?
A: Favorite Trojan ever is Sam "Bam" Cunningham. Changed the game of football, definitely in the SEC, after we whooped them.

Q: Who is your favorite No. 55 from USC besides yourself?
A: Two guys: Junior Seau and Willie McGinest. They set the standard, set the legacy for it.

Q: What did it mean to you to come back to USC and get your degree?
A: It was an honor to come back to USC and finish my degree. I'm so happy I got it. Now I can officially say I'm an alum.

Q: What is your coaching philosophy?
A: Three of my core coaching philosophies are development, trust and responsibility

Q: What are you excited about now that you're on staff?
A: Gaining knowledge. There's a lot of knowledgeable guys. It's a great staff. So I'm looking forward to learning as much as I can from these guys.

Q: How will the players handle playing in front of a small attendance due to COVID-19?
A: With the small crowds, I think the players will adjust. Initially, it will be a little bit of a shock, but as the game goes on, it'll be fun and they'll go about their business.

Q: Which USC games are you most excited for this year?
A: The Alabama game, the Oregon game and the Pac-12 Championship Game that we'll be in and win this year.