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Quarantine Q & A with Savanna Force

Jul 3, 2020

Our gymnastics quarantine series continues with a Q & A with rising senior Savanna Force.
Q: Where have you spent the quarantine?
A: At home in Reno, Nev.
Q: What is the biggest positive to come from your quarantine?
A: I've had time to dive deeper into school and to start planning out my medical school path along with getting my first internship starting this fall!
Q: What is your preferred work out location during quarantine?
A: The football fields three-minutes from my house have been my sanctuary during quarantine to do sprint training, conditioning circuits and lots of stadiums.
Q: Abs or cardio?
A: Abs 100%. But during this quarantine, I've been doing both to keep my endurance as well.
Q: What TV series have you enjoyed the most during the quarantine?
A: Netflix! I've gotten to catch up on a lot of shows I never had time to watch before.
Q: What have you done during the quarantine that you didn't do during normal life?
A: I've gotten back in touch with nature by going hiking and cliff jumping multiple times a week.
Q: Have you done anything to improve yourself during quarantine?
A: I've started drinking a lot of water, which has been a fun competition with myself. I feel so much better internally.
Q: What was your favorite moment from the 2020 gymnastics season?
A: Our last meet at home a few days before we found out the season was cancelled was my favorite moment of the season. It was a rough week for me since I was really sick but I gave everything I had for my team. I'm so glad I was able to do my job because that was our last moment competing together and I know I gave my all to the team, especially the seniors. We celebrated like it was our last meet together even though we had no clue it would be.
Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: I want to be a doctor. Right now I'm thinking dermatology.
Q: Is there a skill you're looking forward to learning during the offseason?
A: I'm not too concerned about new skills at this moment. I just can't wait to get back in the gym with my girls.
Q: How did remote college work out for you?
A: It was really difficult since my degree is science-based. I am used to working with my peers for hours at a time and not having that instant communication made my courses much more difficult.
Q: What do you look forward to the most about getting back to Corvallis (or other people getting back to Corvallis)?
A: I can't wait to see my team and laugh through everything together. I have every intention of making this the most memorable year yet by just living in each moment and appreciating every opportunity.