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Quarantine Q & A with Lexie Gonzales

Jul 31, 2020

Our gymnastics quarantine Q & A series moves on rising senior Lexie Gonzales.
Q: Where have you spent the quarantine?
A: I've been back home in Newport Beach.
Q: What is the biggest positive to come from your quarantine?
A: Getting to focus on building my career with my media internship.
Q: What is your preferred work out location during quarantine?
A: I love my group fitness training spot that I go to in my hometown. We moved everything outside so that we can train safely!
Q: Abs or cardio?
A: BOTH! And can't forget legs, arms and back too.
Q: What TV series have you enjoyed the most during the quarantine?
A: I'm more of a TikTok scrolling kinda gal!
Q: What have you done during the quarantine that you didn't do during normal life?
A: Going on outdoor bike rides. It's so much fun to feel the wind in your face!
Q: Have you done anything to improve yourself during quarantine?
A: I've been improving my vegan cooking skills and even bought a new air fryer!
Q: What was your favorite moment from the 2020 gymnastics season?
A: Our Dam Worth It meet. It's always way more fulfilling to perform for a cause that truly means a lot to our team.
Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?
A: I don't think I have a particular one thing that I want to be just yet. I'm having a blast working in the media field and continue to take any new opportunities that come my way.
Q: Is there a skill you're looking forward to learning during the offseason?
A: I'm hoping to improve my vault so that I can be a consistent contender for a spot in the lineup!
Q: How did remote college work out for you?
A: Remote learning was extremely easy for me because I already have taken about 85% of college online.
Q: What was your biggest school challenge?
A: Trying to find motivation to do school while it felt like there were so many more important things happening in the world around me.
Q: What do you look forward to the most about the quarantine ending?
A: I am so excited to start training with the girls again and to start my new job!
Q: Your sister, Sydney, joins the team this year … what are you looking forward to most about being teammates?
A: I'm stoked for Sydney and I to be teammates again because we just get each other! We have the most chillaxed sister relationship and I'm ready to watch her grow and be inspired by her every day!