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Work From Home: Iliana Hocking, Iyana Zimmerman, Madison Goerlinger

Aug 4, 2020

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Tucson, ARIZ. -- With the summer drawing to an end we finish hearing what a few of Arizona Soccer players have been up to during quarantine. From staying active to staying motivated the Wildcats have done an incredible job at not letting the quarantine hinder their progress. Here's what Juniors, Iliana Hocking and Iyana Zimmerman, and Sophomore Madison Goerlinger had to say about their last few months. 

How did the remainder of the semester go for you?
"I enjoyed the online format, at first it was hard to keep up with but after a couple weeks it gets to be normal. CATS also had a huge part in my end of the semester success, if it wasn't for my academic help I don't know if I would've been able to keep up." - Iyana Zimmerman

"For the most part the online transition for me wasn't difficult since I am already used to taking online courses. The only class that was difficult was chemistry since this is a class where everything is in person. Taking chemistry tests online was extremely hard, but I got through it and hopefully never have to take a chemistry class ever again." - Iliana Hocking 

 What kept you motivated in school? (during quarantine)

"The only true thing that kept my motivated in school during quarantine was myself. I knew I couldn't afford to let quarantine be an excuse of failure, so I just made sure to stay on top of everything" - Iyana Zimmerman 

"Trying to get a 4.0" - Madison Goerlinger 

"Getting a good GPA kept me motivated during this strange online semester. I always want to get a 4.0 every semester and was fortunate to receive that this past semester. I also want to help boost the team GPA because that is also something that I feel is important." - Iliana Hocking

Where did you finish the semester?

"I stayed in Tucson for the remainder of the semester, then after all my finals were done I went back to California for the summer." - Iliana Hocking 

"San Diego, my hometown." - Iyana Zimmerman 

What kept you motivated to stay active? (during quarantine) 

"Staying active was extremely hard for me. Some weeks I'd be very motivated while others I didn't want to do anything. My teammates are what kept me motivated all in all. I knew they were all pushing themselves to get up and workout and I knew I couldn't be the only one to come back unprepared. I worked out for them and myself."
- Iyana Zimmerman 

What are you doing now to stay in shape?

"I am trying to run everyday and follow the fitness packet our strength trainer, Jim, has provided us. I am mostly doing longer sprints and minimal cutting." - Iliana Hocking

"Running, lots of running and body weight activities." - Iyana Zimmerman

What are you doing now to stay busy? (any fun hobbies or activities)

"I have been going to the beach a lot this summer, but have also been trying to get better at golf. It is fun to learn and try to get better at something new." - Iliana Hocking 

What are you most looking forward to for next season/semester?

"I'm really hoping for a season." - Madison Goerlinger

"Being with my teammates, working out with them again. It's different when you get to workout with everyone rather than just yourself." - Iyana Zimmerman

"I am most looking forward to simply playing soccer with the team. I wasn't able to really play last semester because of my injury and didn't play in our spring game. I just want to play the sport I love again." - Iliana Hocking 

Have you learned anything about yourself since quarantine started?

"I have learned to appreciate the many privileges I have in life such as health and family. I am grateful to have such a supportive and loving family that has made this quarantine easy to manage." -Iliana Hocking 

"I have learned that I need to push myself to stay motivated." - Madison Goerlinger

What is the best thing to come out of quarantine?

"Spending more time with my loved ones." - Iyana Zimmerman

"The best thing to come from this quarantine was getting the chance to really focus on overcoming my hip injury. This time away from soccer has allowed me to rest and take my time in this healing process to make sure I am ready to go for this shortened season." - Iliana Hocking 


Do you have any good show or movie recommendations? 

"Some of my favorite shows are Blacklist, White Collar, Love Island (season 6), and The Challenge." - Iliana Hocking 

"How to get away with murder, Lucifer, and Kissing booth 2." - Iyana Zimmerman 

"Grey's Anatomy" - Madison Goerlinger