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Five Minutes With Keiana Fountaine

Aug 18, 2020

Throughout the summer, we will catch up with and spend five minutes with a number of Cougar student-athletes. Next up is Washington State sophomore Keiana Fountaine.
What were you up to over the summer? What's a Day in the Life look like now? Are you able to do pool workouts anywhere?
I was up to anything and everything! I wasn't able to access any pools at home in California, but I am hopeful that my community will be opening a pool here pretty soon! With all this extra time on my hands, I'm starting to appreciate my other talents and passions in life besides swimming.
What were a couple highlights from this past season?
One of my favorite memories from this season was the invitational in Wyoming. We were able to beat Wyoming at their home pool, at altitude. What made this meet rememberable was the energy on the pool deck. I won't ever forget having goofy dance battles during the diving breaks!
I also really enjoyed going to the Bay Area at the start of the season to swim against Cal and Stanford. It felt good being back at pools I grew up watching my favorite swimmers compete in.
You guys have improved at the Pac-12 Championships each year, how much fun was that? What's your focus heading into that meet?
It's really exciting to see us moving in the right direction as a team. I think it's a special thing to see all our hard work pay off at the end of the year with big time drops in time! Usually my focus heading into meets like Pac-12's, and all other big meets is to remember that I am my only competition. If I walk away from the meet having taken off just a fraction of a second, that's a huge win for me because I'm getting closer to reaching my individual goals.
What are a couple of your favorite things about Pullman? Favorite restaurants, hiking spots, hang out spots?
Some of my favorite things about Pullman is finding beauty in the little things. Whether it's going to Walmart to watch the sunset or hanging out at Zeppoz with friends, we always have a good time! The Dunes and the Cliffs on the Snake River are also really fun to jump in the water or fish when it's hot enough. Side note: Thai Ginger is a popular spot for swim team dinners. I recommend the avocado spring rolls.
Other than WSU Swim Meets, what is your favorite Cougar sporting event to attend and why?
This is a tough one because I really do appreciate all the different sports here at WSU! I enjoy watching women's basketball and volleyball at home because they are all absolute beasts! I also had a blast going to the men's Basketball games this year. The Klay Game was so much fun!!! But of course, I'm a huge fan of Cougar Football Saturdays!!!
Compare the atmosphere at Gibb Pool on Meet Day against other Pac-12 pools? (Drumline, fans, music)?
It gets loud… loud enough for me to hear the fans and drumline underwater! At one of the home meets, I remember being tied with someone on the opposing team for most of the race and as soon as I heard the drums, I got a surge of adrenaline and was able to win the race. It felt like the drums were the sounds of my own heart beating and that extra boost reminded me that I wasn't only racing for myself.
What do you remember about going to your first win as a Coug, team and individual? What's it like to set a school record?
My first win as a Coug I think kind of surprised everyone, including myself. I love to race. The adrenaline overcomes me, and I tend to race a lot faster than I ever thought possible.
The feeling of breaking school records never gets old. Everyone takes part in those records on the wall. My name is up there, but it's important to remember that my teammates helped create a hard-working environment where I wanted to and could achieve more. Shout out to my Coug gals for always bringing it in practice!
Who are the teammates, past and present, who have helped you at WSU (In and out of the pool)?
Some of my teammates that I looked up to a lot this past year were our two seniors, Luci Brock and Ryan Falk.
Luci was always been so knowledgeable and took me under her wing immediately as a baby Coug. This girl could make any situation funny and I am going to miss having her energy on the pool deck. She could make me laugh so hard that I cried, but she's also someone I could run to if I ever needed guidance or advice.
Ryan taught me what it means to be a Coug swimmer with her adaptability. This girl never complained about swimming some of the hardest events back to back. She always gave her all in practice and her work ethic is inspiring. You guys are the best and we love and miss you!