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Pac-12 Team Green: Beehives now call Conference & Networks HQ home

Aug 18, 2020

While the Pac-12 and Pac-12 Networks staffs sheltered in place, a new tenant moved in to the conference and networks headquarters in San Francisco. On the headquarters' roof, a building shared with multiple other businesses and managed by Kilroy, a sustainability-focused beehive now makes its home as part of the building manager's and the Pac-12's continued sustainability efforts.


By adopting honey bees, the building is helping change perspectives of the urban environment by reconnecting the community with subtle wonders of nature. The bees are vegan and are of the docile breed, so they do not sting and the hives are located in a remote area of the roof, away from foot traffic.


Now honey bees are buzzing throughout the Pac-12's San Francisco neighborhood, pollinating local flowers and planets. After their hard work is complete, the building manager will harvest the honey exclusively for the neighborhood. For more information, please visit