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Academic Team Champion

Aug 21, 2020

Stanford men's gymnastics sat atop the national rankings throughout the 2020 gymnastics season, and it finds itself in a familiar place on the College Gymnastics Association's academic rankings for 2020. The Cardinal has been named the national academic team champion for 2020, notching a 3.625 cumulative GPA. It's Stanford's eighth time winning the award since its inception in 1991, and marks the second consecutive year it has been lauded.

Rounding out the top five are William & Mary, Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan. The top 10 team GPAs are as follows: 

  1. Stanford — 3.625
  2. William & Mary — 3.572

  3. Minnesota — 3.553

  4. Illinois — 3.420

  5. Michigan — 3.393

  6. Penn State — 3.377

  7. Cal — 3.289

  8. Springfield — 3.234

  9. Ohio State — 3.192

  10. Nebraska — 3.184

Honorable mentions: Iowa, Air Force, Oklahoma, Navy, Army

The CGA has also honored 114 individual gymnasts as First Team All-America Scholar-Athletes for attaining a 3.50 GPA or higher and 60 Second Team All-America Scholar-Athletes for earning a GPA of 3.2 to 3.499. 

First Team

4.0 grade point averages: Tyler Davis, Minnesota; Uche Eke, Michigan; Aidan Giusti, CalBerkeley; Spencer Schrandt, William & Mary; Aidan Cuy, William & Mary; David Sandro, Oklahoma; Matthew Wenske, Oklahoma; Alan Camillus, Oklahoma; Jack Baldwin, Penn State; Trevor DiGerolamo, Stanford; Brain Waschack, Air Force.

3.999-3.90 grade point averages: Colton Dee, Minnesota; Henry Meeker, Minnesota; Anthony Tawfik, Michigan; Moritz Mueller, Nebraska; Kenji Tamane, Nebraska; Matthew DeGrandpre, Springfield; William Welsby, Springfield; Peyton Hobson, Iowa; Ben Provost, Navy; Collyn Kellogg, Oklahoma; Brayden Borromeo, Penn State; Nathaniel Warren, Penn State; David Jessen, Stanford; Christopher Osgood, Stanford; Bryan Perla, Stanford; Bailey Perez, Stanford; Michael Paradise, Illinois; Connor McCool, Illinois.

3.899-3.80 grade point averages: Alan Gerdov, Michigan; Thomas Paul, Michigan; David Willett, Michigan; Evan Hymanson, Nebraska; Collin Maberry, Springfield; Dominic Ramalho, Springfield; Andrew Brower, Ohio State; Sean Neighbarger, Ohio State; Dexter Roettker, Ohio State; Collin Lillie, William & Mary; Andrew Lyubovsky, William & Mary; Evan Davis, Iowa; William Kell, Oklahoma; Samuel Zakutney, Penn State; Brandon Briones, Stanford; Ben Swartout, Stanford; Thomas Mistretta, Illinois. 

3.799-3.70 grade point averages: Shane Wiskus, Minnesota; Daniel Yoon, Minnesota; James Read, Michigan; Adam Wooten, Michigan; Kyle Shuttle, Cal-Berkeley; Josh Martin, Nebraska; Dylan Young, Nebraska; Kalvin Kingshill, Army; Joseph Minus, Army; Jeremy Vera, Springfield; Lucas Wilcox, Springfield; Sean Turtle, Springfield; Kyle Lukaesko, Springfield; Christian Wilkey, Springfield; Chase Gaylada, Springfield; Curtis Chang, Ohio State; Michael Chan, Ohio State; Nathan Winneg, William & Mary; Jordan Kula, William & Mary; Malcom Baytop, William & Mary; Ian Creelman, William & Mary; Noah Scigliano, Iowa; Frank Bradley, Navy; Ryan Orca, Navy; Randy Scharnhorst, Oklahoma; Chase Clingman, Penn State; Michael Fletcher, Illinois; Jacob Light, Illinois; Clay Mason Stephens, Illinois; Alex Schechtman, Air Force. 

3.699-3.60 grade point averages: Andrew Hyde, Minnesota; Valen Watrous, Minnesota; Jonathan Liu, Michigan; Justin Murphy, Michigan; Casey Wentland, Michigan; Kyte Crigger, Cal-Berkeley; Noah Urwiler, Nebraska; Corban Barstow, Army; Rudolph Churchill, Army; Mitchell McHugh, Army; Jacob Gricar, Ohio State; Reid Ross, William & Mary; Connor Bowman, William & Mary; Alex Walther, Iowa; Morgan Seyler, Oklahoma; Andres Perez Gines, Penn State; Andrew Bitner, Stanford; J.R. Chou, Stanford; Riley Loos, Stanford; Joey Ringer, Stanford; Blake Sun, Stanford; Jordan Kovach, Illinois; Evan Manivong, Illinois. 

3.599-3.50 grade point averages: Crew Bold, Minnesota; Ben Eyles, Minnesota; Jacob Sawyer, Minnesota; Kyle Abe, Cal-Berkeley; Miles Lee, Cal-Berkeley; Sam Phillips, Nebraska; Cutter Fugett, William & Mary; Clan Singleton-McConnell, Navy; Mason Menser, Oklahoma; Cannon Johnson, Penn State; Eric Lung, Penn State; Stephen Nedoroscik, Penn State; Ian Gunther, Stanford; Blake Wilson, Stanford; Sebastian Quiana, Illinois. 

Second Team 

3.499-3.40 grade point averages: Russell Johnson, Minnesota; Michael Moran, Minnesota; Eric Nakamura, Minnesota; Victor Perez, Minnesota; David Pochinka, Minnesota; Cameron Bock, Michigan; Mitchell Brown, Michigan; Cooper Giles, Nebraska; Dylan LeClair, Nebraska; Zach Peters, Nebraska; Trevor Lamberton, Springfield; Justin Ah Chow, Ohio State; Jakob Murray, Ohio State; Zane Petras, William & Mary; Christian Marsh, William & Mary; Tomas Palma Alvarado, William & Mary; Brandon Wong, Iowa; Joshua Williams, Navy; Thomas Lee, Stanford; Connor Lewis, Stanford; Curran Phillips, Stanford; Matthew Szot, Stanford; Frankie Valentin, Air Force; Brandon Bzoskie, Air Force; Beckett Andersen, Air Force.

3.399-3.30 grade point averages: Garrett Kasiski, Minnesota; Timothy Kutyla, Minnesota; Socrates Gavallas, Michigan; Mack Lasker, Michigan; Kiernan Reagan, Army; John Rowbotham, Springfield; Luke Smigliani, Ohio State; Max Andryushchenko, Ohio State; Robert Costea, Ohio State; Andrew Helberg, Iowa; Max Gerber, Navy; Connor Van Loo, Navy; Alex Frack, Penn State; Brennan Pantazis, Penn State; Max Diab, Illinois; Daniel Graham, Illinois.

3.299-3.20 grade point averages: Donte McKinney, Minnesota; Matthew Sullivan, Minnesota; Casey Cummings, Michigan; Nicholas Guy, Michigan; Noah Sano, Cal-Berkeley; Patrick Armstrong, Army; Jacob Nauman, Army; Liam O'Hara, Army; Giancarlo Lawrence, Springfield; Tim O'Neill, William & Mary; Jacob Carlson, Navy; Dhiren Lutchman, Navy; Nick Mock, Penn State; Zach Martin, Stanford; Emanuele Muehlhauser, Illinois; Dylan Kolak, Illinois; Allen Shadan, Air Force; Zach Polen, Air Force. 

The CGA also recognizes four gymnastics who have earned First Team Academic All-American Scholar-Athletes honors for all four years of eligibility: Benjamin Provost, Navy; David Jessen, Stanford; Jacob Light, Illinois-Champaign; Michael Paradise, Illinois-Champaign.