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Three Trojans to Compete at 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Championships

Sep 3, 2020

Three Trojans will be competing at the 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Championships this weekend. Ieva Medelinskaite, Anicka Mackova and Anastasia Slivina will each represent their countries in the regatta, taking place from Sept. 5-6, 2020, in Duisburg, Germany.
Medelinskaite will row for Lithuania and compete in the quadruple sculls, while Mackova and Slivina will compete in the women's eight, with Mackova representing the Czech Republic and Slivina racing for Ukraine. 
"Having members of the Women of Troy compete during this current worldwide pandemic is something to be celebrated." said head coach Josh Adam. "Watching Anicka, Ieva and Stassy compete this weekend for their respective countries will be very special. For them, wearing the Czech, Lithuanian and Ukrainian flag on their uniform is an incredibly empowering and humbling experience. For Martina, Liz, Dori and I, it has been really fun hearing how their elite-level training here at USC has helped them further their national team aspirations this summer."
Being selected for a country's national team and competing on an international stage is a massive accomplishment for these women. 
"It's a great opportunity for me, and I'm so excited to represent my country again," said Mackova, the four-time Czech national team member. "Being on the National Team is always an honor and this summer in particular helped to remind me why I love rowing."
"Representing my country is a huge responsibility that I am willing accept with my whole heart," said Slivina. "At this level of competition, its not just about my personal achievements and goals, but it's about a team. I need to show the world not only how Anastasia Slivina rows, but how Ukraine rows."
The COVID-19 pandemic has created a plethora of challenges for athletes all over the world, however in the true spirit of "Fight On", these student-athletes have overcome numerous hurdles on their way to be ready to compete at the highest international level. 
"Everything was closed, including my boathouse, so I had to practice at home," said Mackova. "I spent many hours in my basement on an erg. The pandemic hasn't been an easy time for anyone, but overcoming the obstacles make us all stronger."
"Mentally, it was hard to go through losing multiple seasons, both as a Trojan and a Lithuanian," said Medelinskaite, a three-time national team returnee. "I had spent multiple months practicing off the water and when I found out the postponed European Championships would be happening, I was able to come back to join the National Team on the water. Overcoming the obstacles has made the upcoming competition even more exciting."
Being both a collegiate and national team athlete is a unique experience.
"Representing both USC and my country is elite," said Slivina. "The fact that I am a USC student empowers me to work even harder to represent my university well."
"As much as my country has influenced me, so has USC," said Medelinskaite. "At the U23 European Championships, I will be competing not just as a Lithuanian, but also as a Trojan. When I race at the Championships this weekend, I know that I will have support from my friends and family from back home as well as my USC family cheering from across the ocean."
The first heats of the 2020 European Rowing Under 23 Championships will begin on Sept. 5, with the semi-finals and finals taking place on Sept. 6.