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Getting to Know Jordan Scott

Oct 22, 2020

Three-time All-American jumper Jordan Scott transferred to USC from Virginia with one season of eligibility remaining.  He won the 2019 NCAA indoor triple jump title with a jump of 55-5 (16.89m) and finished runner-up at the 2019 NCAA outdoor championships with a jump of 55-9.75 (17.01m).  He is the Jamaica record-holder in the triple jump at 56-0.5 (17.08m) and the Virginia record-holder in the triple and long jump at 25-8.25 (7.83m) and won five ACC jumps titles (4 TJ, 1 LJ). 
Q: What type of Zoom student are you?
J.S.: Camera on at all times
Q: What is your go to dinner?
J.S.: Spaghetti, ground beef, marinara sauce, and garlic bread
Q: What's the most interesting place you've competed at?
J.S.: Nanjing, China for the youth Olympics. I didn't think I would ever go to China in my entire life. It was a really nice environment. I was exposed to the different cultures of all the different competitors at the meet. I met a lot of people and made some good friends.
Q: What is your event?
J.S.: Triple jump
Q: What's on your Instagram discover page?
J.S.: A whole bunch of basketball with one or two track videos
Q: Favorite animal
J.S.: Dogs, black Maltese. I know they are very expensive, but I intend to own one.  
Q: What is your favorite music genre?
J.S.: Dancehall
Q: What do you listen to before races?
J.S.: A playlist with hip hop and hype songs. Getting hyped is being able to sing along to a song.
Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies?
J.S.: Like to play games. PS4 call of duty and fall guys. I like to fish but don't get to do it often, listening to music
Q: What is the most important part of your identity/brand?
J.S.:  I was born and raised and lived my entire life in Jamaica. I've been in U.S. the past 5 years for school. There was a sense of culture shock coming here, it's a lot different from Jamaica. It's easy to get lost trying fit in and assimilate. One thing I've been able to do is stay true to my culture and maintain the little things I was taught growing up. It makes me unique in a sense, there aren't that many Jamaican student athletes wherever you go.
Q: Why did you choose to transfer to USC?
J.S.:  I wanted an environment to help me transition to the next level in terms of being a professional. After everything happened with COVID and being granted an extra year of eligibility I saw this as a second chance for me. This environment is one I can thrive in academically as well as in competitions.
Q: What's your favorite part of about living in L.A. so far?
J.S.: Weather. I'm from Jamaica which means constant sunshine and L.A. is constant sunshine so this feels a lot like home.