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Ohana: A Celebration Of Culture

Nov 19, 2020

The latest "disruption moment" in the history of Oregon football uniforms will celebrate pan-Polynesian culture when the Ducks host UCLA in Autzen Stadium on Saturday.

The UO football team will wear uniforms honoring elements of Polynesian culture including family, unity and a voyager spirit. The "Ohana" gear was designed through a collaboration involving Nike – including former UO wide receiver Daryle Hawkins, now an apparel graphic designer there – and Hawaiian label Sig Zane Designs.

Black is the base color for the line, in a nod to the volcanic rock that formed the Pacific islands. The line also incorporates "Action Green," representing the resilient vegetation that grows among the volcanic rock.

The color palette utilized is called "New Growth," in a nod to the Oregon football program's new direction under head coach Mario Cristobal. And the uniforms include several details signifying family and culture, two values essential to pan-Polynesian cultures and also espoused by Cristobal within his team.

"It's all these different guys – the best of the best from various cultures – coming together to form a new family," Hawkins said.

The idea for an "Ohana"-themed uniform began with UO assistant coaches Joe Salave'a and Alex Mirabal. Nike then leveraged an existing relationship with Sig Zane to make sure every detail was in line with the values all involve sought to highlight.

Among the details incorporated:

  •           A woven pattern signifying "experience" was utilized on the wings adorning the helmet, the Oregon logo and the jersey numerals. The pattern calls to mind a sinew rope, blending together the experiences of many into a single, strong strand.
  •         The neckline features a pattern radiating down the front of the jersey, calling to mind feather cloaks worn by Hawaiian nobility for ceremonies or battle. The pattern is green nearest to the neck line, invoking a green lei.
  •         The helmet and gloves feature a galaxy of stars including the Southern Cross, a constellation used to aid oceanic navigation in the Southern Hemisphere.
  •         Arm sleeves available to the players include imagery at the wrist signifying togetherness. That detail is a nod to bangles adorned by dancers of the Hula, the traditional means of coming together and communicating the history and values of pan-Polynesian cultures.