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Karl Dorrell Monday Press Conference Quotes

Nov 23, 2020

Colorado Head Football Coach Karl Dorrell
Monday Weekly Press Conference Quotes
"There is not much to report from last week to this week. We had a good week of practice. We were in that high-alert status of getting ready to play anything and everything at the end of the week. It didn't turn out to be anything. We know that we have a big game in front of us. I'm excited about that. I know our players will be excited to play. We are off to a great start. It is going to be a great game."
On The Upcoming Week
"What we are trying to accomplish this week and this season is maximizing our opportunities every week. We have done a pretty good job with that the first two weeks. We have a great opportunity in front of us. They are undefeated and are playing well. We had a game canceled so we are one week out of rhythm, so to speak. When you are winning and going from week-to-week, it is sometimes great to stay in rhythm with what you are doing. It unfortunately didn't occur for us. We have done some real positive things as a program with a lot of missing time in a lot of places. We feel we will be ready to play and put together a good game plan and go out there compete. We look forward to this next opportunity."
On The Potential Of Playing Someone Out Of Conference 
"There is always the case in the future that could occur for us to play someone out of a conference. I think what hurt us a little bit last week was that nothing was in place as a conference, in terms of how we would work through that protocol, until later in the week. We just didn't have any parameters to operate with moving forward. Now that that has been stated and how the process will go from week-to-week, I think a lot of schools will pursue some other opportunities when a game becomes to look like it might be canceled. We will just go from there given what the best options are for us as we move forward. From the conference perspective and them getting all of those things in terms of guidelines to how we proceed, that happened later in the week and just didn't time out for us to move forward."
"That still lies as an option (playing Colorado State) down the road because there are many more games to be played. I haven't thought much into it. There were a couple of opponents actually that were reaching out and had some interest in playing last week. We just didn't know how to move forward with that. Now that we have those things in place, we will evaluate each one as it comes. There might be an opportunity later in the season. We will see. It does look like Covid-19 is all over. You are seeing it hit everywhere across the country and all of the different conferences. There is still a lot of football to be played. Who knows what those options and opportunities will be as we go? We are going to continue to try to move forward each and every week with the process that has been given to us. If something comes about later in the season, we will evaluate every option that is out there."
"The thing with the Pac-12 guidelines is, you might make an agreement with a non-conference opponent early in the week and for some reason if the Pac-12 has a school that we haven't played and they have missed a game in that current week as well, they are going to trump our intentions of playing a non-conference game. That is what was stated too. The conference will do that, at the latest, on Thursday. We are still going through this thing and trying to figure things out. I don't want to speculate about other things that aren't in front of me right now. There is always some thought and discussion that are occurring given the unpredictability of the season. We will tackle one week at a time. That is all we can really do. We can't speculate on anything else."

On If The Bye Week Helped In Any Way
"That is what I am looking at. You have to use some sort of excuse, right? It definitely helps us with guys that were a little nicked up in the first few weeks of the season. We are still trying to create our depth in a lot of positions on our team. It was bonus time to get some of these younger guys reps to get them more entrenched with our systems. I want to use as many players as we can. It was a benefit on both sides. We had some guys that were nicked up and didn't have to play and then trying to continue to develop our team with the younger players that we have."
"They have gotten better every week. The first two games were nail-biters where they pulled out some wins. That shows you a lot about what their potential is to finish games. They have done that very well. I thought last week was a really good game that they played well from start to finish. I felt the defense played pretty inspired and made some plays early in the game that created some momentum for the offense. The offense did a nice job of managing the opportunities that they had. I thought their quarterback (Kedon Slovis) is an excellent player. For him to be a sophomore, he is a pretty poised player and pretty cool, calm and collected. You can tell he has a great sense of what his offense does, and he operated it very, very well. I just saw a very inspired team that played up in Utah and played hard. It was a great game. Utah had some adversity early, losing their starting quarterback, and came in with the guy who was second and finished the game. That is football. That is going to happen to everybody where you have to pick up the slack with someone going down. Unfortunately, Utah wasn't able to do that, but I thought USC played a very good game on both sides of the ball."
On The Mindset Going Into USC
"Continue to do what we need to do which is what is next and playing a really good opponent in USC. We are trying to create a name and get ourselves to be part of this conference championship. They are the next one up on our schedule. Obviously, they feel the same way about us. We just have tremendous work to do. I wasn't part of the history of the game and this school playing USC and things like that. I know we are new to the conference; I am talking about Colorado in general. We are going to be playing USC every year. They are in our South division. It is going to be a divisional game that will be a critical game each and every year. That matter of importance is just as important now as it is any year. We are trying to keep the momentum and create success and do the things we need to do each and every week. This is the next one up, against a very good team. We have a lot to prepare for to get ourselves ready.
On Preparing For USC
"Most of our time last week was shoring up the things we felt needed to be addressed for us as a football program. We couldn't get too involved with getting prepared for USC because of the high alertness of being able to play anyone at the end of the week. We were just focused on fixing some of the things that we know we can be better at offensively, defensively and on special teams. That was the bulk of the week. We found out Friday we wouldn't have a game, we did have a walk-through that started on Saturday introducing USC on offense, defense and special teams. That was the first point of the week we decided to start to turn our attention to USC. It is a great game. It has been a great game for Los Angeles, me being a former UCLA Bruin. That is always a very important week when you have that rivalry. It is different for me now being at a different place. I know, from a conference perspective, it is a very important game. We are both sitting in a position to do some good things in the course of the season. We play each other so there is enough magnitude from that standpoint and understanding how important this game is."
On OC Darrin Chiaverini
"I was his coach as a player, so we have always had a fondness and kept in contact over many, many years since I left the program and he graduated, played professionally and coached. We always stayed in contact. It is a great feeling to have someone that you know and have intimately known since he was a youthful player and now that he is a seasoned coach. He has done quite well. The thing our offensive staff has done a tremendous job with is they all have a number of areas of expertise they have had success with. Darrin has done a really good job of creating that melting pot of information that a lot of people have been successful with offensively and has really put it together to tailor it for us in terms of the skill set for our offensive personnel. I really feel good about our offensive staff. Darrin has done a really good job of managing them and putting together ideas that have paid off pretty well for us. Now, we have a great test in front of us who I think will perform well and who our guys are eager to go out and compete against.  So far, it has been really great progress for the year so far. These bigger games are starting to come up and we will see if we can continue that element of success we have been having. Hopefully we keep building off of those things and get better and better. That is really the goal. We are trying to get better in all phases of what we are doing as a program. We have always realized that after each game. We have looked at it and have felt like there are plays we left on the field on both sides of the ball. Those are the things that we are going to continue to address and concern ourselves with. Playing as efficiently as we can and really maximizing our talent in the areas we think are best for them and hopefully continue this train of success we have been doing."
On The Importance Of Saturday For The Pac-12 South
"There are a lot of ramifications around this game. It is a shortened season. It is a six or seven game season. Now that we are missing a game, it may be only six games. We are trying to maximize our chances going into this shortened pandemic season. Our players are locked in on doing those things. We are hopeful to be a factor in this thing. That was our goal from the very beginning to be in the thick of it when the games matter most. We are about at that halfway point where there is going to be some significance now. We have to step up to the challenge, prepare, and get ourselves ready for a great fight this weekend. Hopefully we continue to play well and pull out some wins."
On The USC Fight Song
"It is not really in my head right now. I like our fight song, the one here at Colorado. That is our tradition and what we do here. I haven't really thought of it until you brought that up. I'm sure I'll hear it and have great recollection when I do hear it when we play this weekend. Those are things I really don't think much about to be honest with you. I am just trying to get this team to be as good as they can be and keep stressing the importance of getting better each week, developing our depth, getting better at competing and things like that. Those are the things I concern myself with right now, with this team. Our coaches have their attention. We needed some work to be done and we addressed those things last week. It is now a game week and a great game that is in front of us. I am excited for our team to compete and play. Hopefully, by the end of the week, we are in great health. I say those things because I take my job one day at a time to make sure we are healthy each and every day to go onto the next step of the given week. Right now, it is Monday. There is a lot that can happen between Monday and Friday. Those are the things I think about on a daily basis that are concerning our team, our health and getting better each day."