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2020 WSU Wednesday: Trojans Prepare To Take On Cougars

Dec 2, 2020

Game Notes vs. WSU (PDF)

The Trojans continue to prepare for their return to the Coliseum to face Washington State on Sunday.

  • Defensive line coach Vic So'oto looks to see execution on the field from all members of the defense.  "Everybody on our defense, all 11, they're going to be asked to make a play at some point, and the best defenses just make those plays, and the splash plays become routine plays," So'oto said.
  • DL Marlon Tuipulotu has been a standout this season, making improvements each week. So'oto attributed what he's seen on the field to Tuipulotu's love of the game and hard work in practice. So'oto sees similar characteristics in Marlon's brother, true freshman DL Tuli Tuipulotu, who has also made an impact on the field this season. "Everywhere he goes, he goes as hard as he can go," So'oto said. 
  • DL Jacob Lichtenstein has opted back in for the 2020 season, and So'oto is excited to see what potential he can bring to the team, mentioning Lichtenstein's athleticism as a contributing factor.
  • So'oto's emphasis remains on performance in practice, building confidence and competition within the position group as they prepare for game day. "I don't have a play count, or a 'this guy has to play,' I think everyone in the room understands, you want to play, then play all the time, not just on Saturdays," So'oto said.
  • Wide receivers coach Keary Colbert has been impressed by the efforts of WR Bru McCoy. "He's taken his role and is starring in it, whatever it is," Colbert said. "He just goes as hard as he can and he just tries to make plays."
  • The Trojans have several young wide receivers, who, along with the rest of the team, will be granted an eligibility extension after the 2020 season. Still, Colbert looks for their involvement and has emphasized the importance of showing up and learning. "They really have some great older guys in front of them that they're learning from, they're seeing how to work," Colbert said. "Their time is coming, we tell them all the time to be ready, that time might be this week, that time might be today."
  • The wideouts are part of an offense that looks to put up big numbers on Sunday. "We don't get to dictate what we get to play against, our mindset is to score touchdowns as an offense," Colbert said.  "We're about scoring touchdowns for the Trojans, and scoring points for the Trojans, and we'll do it whatever way we have to."