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Follow Friday Q&A with Trevor Long

Dec 11, 2020

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This is the 17th installment of the Arizona Baseball 2020 Follow Friday series, in which we highlight each member of the incoming 2020 class of student-athletes looking to make their mark at Hi Corbett Field. Get to know our newest Wildcats with the below Q&A, and when you're done be sure to follow them on social media to stay connected.

This week's feature focuses on incoming freshman Trevor Long, a right-handed pitcher from Chapparal High School in Scottsdale.

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Q: What made you choose Arizona?
A: The main reason I chose Arizona is because it's always been a dream of mine to play Division I baseball and since I grew up in Arizona and both of my parents went to Arizona I have always known that they have a really successful program. Arizona really focuses on player development and coach Johnson and coach Yeskie are two of the best coaches in the country so I felt like they could turn me into a better ballplayer. 

Q: What are you looking forward to the most in your first year at Arizona?
A: I'm really just looking forward to seeing how much I can progress. I can't wait to see how I can use coach Yeskie's teaching to make a role for myself and contribute to our team winning games this year. Going to Omaha is a dream, and it's a team goal, so I'd really like to play a part in getting us there.

Q: What achievement from your baseball career so far are you most proud of?
A: Getting into the Area Code Games. It's a very special tournament because only the top players in the country go, it's very limited. Junior year I went and tried out and didn't make it, which was upsetting. But then I worked really hard over the next year and because of all that hard work and dedication I was accepted my senior year and was able to play. It was great playing in front of all those college coaches and scouts against the best players in the country. The whole experience was amazing; we got tons of new gear, the atmosphere was incredible. I felt like a Major Leaguer.

Q: What do you think is the strongest part of your game?
A: The best thing that I bring to the mound is my ability to be coached. No matter if something feels odd or strange at first, I will always try it. I also have great composure, I don't often get flustered on the mound. I try to stay within what I was taught and focus on using others experiences and abilities to help improve my game. 

Q: Who influenced you to get into baseball?
A: Absolutely my dad, he helped me fall in love with the game. When I was a kid he introduced me to a lot of sports and when I started pursuing baseball he really pushed me hard because he saw my skill. The whole time I was growing up we would go to Spring Training games, we would go throw in the backyard, he'd go to batting practice with me, catch my bullpens; he was always there for me when I needed him. 

Q: If you weren't playing baseball, what sport would you most want to play?
A: If I wasn't playing baseball I would almost certainly be playing basketball. I played from eight years old up until high school, but stopped in high school because the baseball and basketball seasons conflicted. My dad coached high school basketball and because of that I practiced a lot, I worked hard, and I thought of myself as a pretty good player. I liked the constant action up and down the court, there's always something happening. I loved them both, but my love for baseball eventually way outgrew my love for basketball.

Q: If you could have one MLB player's pitch, what would it be?
A: If I could have any pitch, it would be Devin Williams' changeup. His changeup plays really well off his fastball so hitters are always guessing. Normally when he throws it hitters will lunge because they're geared up for his fastball and it looks just like his fastball coming out of his hand. In my opinion it's the best changeup in the league. The amount of arm-side break he has on it easily makes it a swing and miss pitch for him.

Q: If you could face one Major League Baseball player right now, who would it be and why?
A: I would probably want to face Bryce Harper. He has always been a top of the league type player and growing up as a kid I've always looked at him as one of the best in the game. With him being a lefty and me being a righty I see it as a great challenge because he's going to see the ball better out of my hand. Using that at-bat I can learn how to approach a lefty hitter who can handle the bat really well and it will turn me into a better pitcher.

Q: What are some of your non-baseball hobbies you enjoy spending free time on?
A: We got a new air hockey table here at our house and that's become one of my favorite hobbies because the whole family plays against each other and have a lot of fun doing it. We're all really competitive and the game allows us to get into that groove while also having fun. The top players are me and my little brother. Another hobby I have is going swimming in the summer in our pool. We don't have a beach because we're in Arizona, but the pool gives us a great place and I can do tricks off the diving board.

Q: What does your pregame/gameday routine look like?
A: Normally my gameday routine would consist of starting with a breakfast of pancakes and an omelet with sausage, eggs, and cheese. While I'm on my way to the field I always have to play country music, it gets me feeling less tense and relieves any stress or anxiety I have about the game. Once I get to the field I will roll out, stretch, and then go through my band work. Finally I'll start throwing and then once I cleat up, it's game time, I have to focus in. I'm pretty superstitious; I remember one day I didn't have pancakes, just the omelet, and I didn't pitch well at all. So I've known since that day I have to have the pancakes with the omelet.
Quick Hits:
Favorite baseball player: Albert Pujols
Favorite MLB team: Arizona Diamondbacks
Favorite baseball movie: Moneyball
Favorite gameday snack: Sour Punch Straws
Favorite TV show: Ghost Adventures
Favorite movie: The Other Guys