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Postgame Quotes - Arizona State at Arizona

Dec 11, 2020

Postgame Quotes – Arizona State at Arizona
Arizona head coach Coach Sumlin
On the difficult start to the game:
"We turned the ball over early in the game and gave them short fields. The turnovers gave them the ball on short fields and we dug a hole early in the game."
On why he felt good heading into the game:
"Just by our practices, pregame and everything. Like I said, the turnovers and our inability to bounce back from the turnovers and giving them short fields to score early. No matter what your emotional level is, when you turn the ball over like that, particularly early in the game with short fields, it's not a good recipe."
On the speculation surrounding the program:
"No, it's what we sign up for and this was a tough deal. But as a coach, you know that you can't approach life, your team or anything like that. We just have to keep working at it and that's what I'm going to do."
Arizona tight end Bryce Wolma
On the team being ready to play from the start:
"I feel like we were ready to play. We were prepared, but there's not much to say. It's embarrassing, really. Six turnovers. You can't win with six turnovers."
On what area the offense struggled with tonight:
"Focus and execution. I thought we were moving the ball okay, but you can't throw interceptions and you can't have fumbles that turn into 35 or 42 points for them."
On Coach Sumlin's message to the team after the game:
"He said, basically you've got two options: you can either give up and quit, which he doesn't believe we have any of those guys. Or we have to rally each other around and come back for this game next week and next season with a different attitude."
Arizona linebacker Parker Henley
His thoughts from the defensive side of the ball:
"We just didn't execute. We've got to make up for our offenses mistakes." 
On the pregame Senior Day ceremony:
"It was nice to end on that kind of note, except for the game, but on to the rest of my life."
On his future plans:
"Just focus on school and eventually be an engineer."

Arizona State Co-Defensive Coordinator Marvin Lewis 
On secondary Timarcus Davis stepping up:
"We have been very pleased with Timarcus. I think he has really matured and he has accepted the coaching. He's relaxed and he has done a nice job of just doing his job. That's been the biggest thing. They think they need to make super-human plays, but let's just make every play that comes your way." 
Key on keeping the defense focused:
"I think they did a good job of focusing as we went through the week. We were not sure who the quarterback was going to be, but we knew who the back was going to be and just understanding the formations and alignments and just to execute your job. Let it happen one play at a time. We didn't do as well on third down early in the game but made some fourth down stops which were big."
On if what happened tonight is a testament of being in a rhythm:
"I do think it's helpful since we were basically starting all over again as we prepared for UCLA. But there is no excuse for that. When they drop the ball, you have to be ready to go. I think that's a maturity level for these players to understand that as they move forward in their careers." 
Arizona State Offensive Coordinator Zack Hill
On the Running Backs performance:
"They are doing a great job. Those guys are phenomenal backs. I don't know if there are three guys in the country that are better than those guys. Those guys are really good. Chip, being as big as he is, and he is such a good leader and such a good guy and the guys love him. He is such a hard guy to tackle, so having those guys set the tone is awesome." 
On rewarding the defense:
"The defense did a great job. I haven't seen that many turnovers in a game and a couple were left on the field too. They were dominating. We got great field position. We were getting some momentum and getting the guys some confidence early. Being able to score on some drives and it kind of snowballed from there. Hats off to the offensive line and the backs and even the receivers, they are having to dive in there and dig out those safeties. It was a physical game and they did a great job." 
ASU quarterback Jayden Daniels
On how this game feels after losing so many games and not playing for several weeks:
"It felt great getting that first win in a long time. Winning makes everything better so it felt great going out there and dominating and getting a win."
On being able to score 70 points in a rivalry game like this:
"It means a lot, but offensively we can't give credit to ourselves. Without the defense getting those seven turnovers we wouldn't be in the position to score that many points, so hats off to the defense."
On the energy on the field…
"The main thing we are preaching every day is to have fun. If you don't have fun, then you will be all stuck up. Winning makes everything better, so finally getting a win you see smiles on a lot of people's faces.
ASU defensive lineman Jermayne Lole
On his success the last couple games:
"I have to give a lot of credit to Coach Ross. He and all of the defensive staff have been preparing us for these past two games. We've been playing really well up front and feeding off each other. As a unit, I feel like we are playing a lot better than last year. With all of the expectations everyone had about us, we are doing way better than everyone thought we would."
On their performance compared the groups expectations and pressure:
"I am doing alright. There are a lot of things I could work on, there are always things we can work on, but I feel like I am doing alright. I feel like we have been putting a lot of preparation into this and it's paying off."