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Karl Dorrell Monday Press Conference Quotes

Dec 14, 2020

Colorado Head Football Coach Karl Dorrell
Monday Weekly Press Conference Quotes
Opening Statement
"It has been a few days after a disappointing performance. It is basically the same things as I said after the game. When you study the tape, it was those types of issues (small miscues). We weren't playing as well as we normally would have played for one reason or another. Who knows why? Utah had a good plan and they did all the things that were important to winning the game. They took care of the football. They took advantage of field position and did some nice things. They converted on some critical plays that kept extending drives and put points on the board. Offensively, we showed spurts of doing some really positive things in creating some drives. Three of those drives were eliminated because we didn't take care of the football. We had a couple of fumbles and we had an interception. We didn't quite get in rhythm as consistently as we needed to offensively. Those are the things that will hurt you. Defensively, a lot of good that I saw in the game but the thing that stuck out the most was the poor tackling. We needed to be better than that in that type of game. The conditions were different. The other team performed better than we did. We have to get back to work and get things back to where they need to be and focus on the things that are important for us to continue to be productive, successful and efficient. That is really the goal this week going into Oregon."
On How They Prepare For An Opponent Other Than Oregon
"We don't. We plan for preparing for Oregon. That is all that is set in front of us right now. We know there are conditions that could change. A lot of those things are not under our control to fix or to be a part of the solution for. We are hopeful to be able to play this week and play in the (Los Angeles Memorial) Coliseum at six o'clock. I am looking forward to playing against Oregon. I know Oregon has been one of the top programs in our conference for the last four or five years. It is a great test for our team. That is our preparation. We are trying to do what we can do. That is what is on our slate right now until they tell us otherwise."
On Losing Nate Landman To Injury
"Nate is a big piece of our defense. He has been that way for the last couple of years. It is unfortunate him going down with his injury. He is out for the rest of the season. It is a piece that is hard to fill. When you have a great, elite player like he is to us who makes a lot of great plays instinctively and plays the game a lot more instinctively than a lot of players on either side of the ball, that is a big piece. It is unfortunate for us. Our next man mentality is we still have very, very qualified and capable, both physically, mentally, and productive, young players who can do those things. They are going to have to do those things. This is a week that some of those guys are going to get plenty of chances to get tuned up to play. We are not asking for them to perform like Nate. Nate is Nate. We just ask for our players to play the best they can within their skill set and the things they do, doing our defense, making the right assignments, filling gaps, and doing those things. We should be very capable of doing those things. It is everybody. It is like when you lose your quarterback, receiver or running back. Someone has to come in and step up and be productive. That is our mentality. We are going to have to find productivity with that spot while him out. We think we have some very capable players to do so."
On The 2021 Recruiting Class
"We feel our recruiting class for 2021 and the kids coming in this summer are outstanding. We really do. We spent a lot of time on them. A lot of Zoom meetings and Zoom home meetings with family, the kids, and just the parents. We have done a number of Zoom communication with all of these recruits. They understand. They have all dealt with really big setbacks themselves. Some didn't even play this fall. Some are playing this spring. They have been dealing with a lot of the difficulties just as much as we were. I believe we just created such a great class of guys that are going to be impact players that can help us right away just like some of these freshmen came in and helped us this year. They understand the mindset of our expectations and it meets their expectations. They want to get a chance to impact us and get a chance to be a part of the equation to get us back to a top-level program. They understand what our goals, ambitions and aspirations are. I am very, very excited about this class. I am excited that some of them are going to be coming mid-year, a handful of them. Some of them are coming in at summertime. It is a really good class and players that we needed at all these spots and needed at their positions. They are going to give us more depth in certain areas. I have been preaching that all season, about developing depth and these guys are going to be part of that equation going into 2021."
On Tyler Lytle Entering The Transfer Portal And Brendon Lewis As Backup
"Brendon Lewis is our backup. Tyler has his personal situation and what he wants to accomplish. I am going to encourage him anyway I can to find success for himself. Dealing with the situation he is in right now, I understand where he is coming from. I want to be part of him having an opportunity to finish up in any way I can. We had that conversation, but now that he is not here, Brendon Lewis, who has a lot of really good reps for us and we'll keep bringing him along, is now our number two. I do understand where Tyler was coming from. We both had a really good discussion about it. He is a great kid. I want him to end his career on his terms. That is what he is looking to do."
On The Uncertainty Of This Week
"All of the above is in play. All of the above. Do I have clarity? No. What are the things I can control? Absolutely nothing other than to prepare for Oregon. If Oregon is slid up, there are a number of things that could occur. I don't even know exactly what those things are. I don't know if we are going to have a solution for ourselves. I have a conference call today at four o'clock. I'll know something by the end of the day. As of right now, I am just like you. I have to prepare for what is in front of me until told otherwise. It has been an interesting year. It has been crazy. I am not surprised. Given all of the stuff we have been through in the course of these eight months, I am not surprised. I have to give our players a lot of credit because they have dealt with all of the ebbs and flows of everything since I've been here very, very well. (They have been) resilient, they know what the issues are, and try to make the best out of every situation we have. I do like that about this team. I have been very open and honest with them in our communication. The things you know, I tell them right away so we can all digest it. We move forward with what is in front of us. We are hopeful to play against Oregon but if it changes we will see what that change is. I don't know what that is right now."
On Rethinking Sending Sam Noyer Back Into The Game Against Utah
"I haven't even thought about it that way. Sam has been dealing without a lot of nagging muscle injuries for a while, even since training camp. We have done a number of things. You can ask any of our offensive line if they are sore and beat up right now. You can ask anybody at any point on any team where they are physically right now. They are sore. That is the byproduct of football. Sam is a battler. He is a competitive player. Our players rally around him and have a lot of confidence in him. The coaching staff has a lot of confidence in him. We are going to keep riding with the guy who has gotten as to this point. If you ask him, he would tell you the same thing, "I am good and ready to go. I am going to do whatever it takes." He is that type of player. He will sacrifice himself or this football team."  
On Antonio Alfano's Post On Social Media
"I did see it and a lot of what he posted is very truthful since February. It is one of those unfortunate situations. As a football coach, you know this football player, the capabilities of this football player, and you have heard really good things about him and I really haven't had a chance to see any of his attributes that brought him here. The seizures started to happen back in February. It had never occurred before, but why now? There are a lot of questions out there about why these things are occurring. Why haven't we had progressive solutions to have this under control? We just haven't. The one thing I would say that is incorrect is we have had a number of people who have tried to reach out to him over this fall. I had a meeting with him earlier this fall in October. He is in school and trying to deal with school and these things he is dealing with from a personal side. It is hard. It really is and then COVID hits. He was scheduled to do some testing and that gets postponed. From my standpoint, it is hard for me to comment more than what I just said. A lot of it is out of our control and out of the football area control. It is more of a medical issue. It is for his health and safety to play football. That is why it has been taken away from me to be able to comment on and what his progress is and all of that stuff. Medical information is very confidential. He put a lot of that out there so everybody knows what he is dealing with. It is unfortunate. It really is. We need to find a way to get him to where he feels good about his life. That is the most important thing right now and where I am because I haven't seen him play a down of football. I am more concerned about him as a human being to live a normal life and get things under control. That is first and foremost to me. It is unfortunate that we haven't found the right solution or done the right things to work down that path."
"A lot of our communication has to be both ways. It has to be him being responsive to us and then obviously he is seeking for us to be more responsive to him. We have responded, believe me. Chris Wilson has been trying to stay in contact with him. Our academic coordinators and all of the people dealing with school have been trying to keep in contact with him. Our mental health services area has been trying to do things to keep him in the loop of things too. We are all concerned about what this does to a young man, mentally. He is not playing football, something he loves to do. He doesn't understand why he is having the issues he is having. Can you imagine the things he is going through? It is frustrating. I get it. I am deeply concerned, but we have to be better at trying to get some solution here. We just haven't been able to do that yet."
On The Weeks To Come
"I am going to meet with our leadership council today. A lot of it is to discuss a lot of these things. We went into this season prepared to play a six or seven game season, winning this conference, and showing the world we can compete with anyone in the conference. I think, for the most part, we have shown that we have made a lot of progress. Our goal was to get to a bowl. That is real. It is right here in front of us. That was prior to going through the monotony of a season and all of the changes, ebbs and flows of losing an opponent, and picking up San Diego State. We have dealt with a lot. These young men have dealt with a lot. Coaches have dealt with a lot. There is a lot of anxiety and uncertainty every day. I wake up every day worried about the health of my football team. That is first and foremost, whether we can even progress that day. It is a challenge. We have all been under this challenge. I don't complain about it because everyone is dealing with this at some level. I keep going back to our players because they are the ones playing between the white lines. They are the ones that are putting themselves in a position to play this game and play it effectively. A lot of me wants for them to reap what they deserve which is a postseason opportunity. I know that they do miss their families. They have been here since summer and haven't seen anybody. They haven't had family come to games. There is a lot of stuff out there. There are a lot of emotions about what has gone on this year. We are going to always remember this year. I think sometimes we don't look at the simple things in life and how important those things are, how things were prior to this. Maybe we took life for granted. I think now we all understand we would love to have our normal life and be able to walk outside without a mask on. We would love to do a lot of things that current conditions are requiring us not to do. That is my take. I am not saying that is what our football team thinks or the other coaches. I take all of that in each and every day. Just like I tell my players, when I walk into this building I am thinking about what is best for this football team. That keeps me motivated and driven in doing my job as efficiently and effectively as I can for the betterment of this football team, this school, and these young men. Those are the things that mean the most to me. I try to keep it that simple."
On Growth This Season 
"Our coaches are inspired. I am inspired. The reason why is because the young men we are coaching have grown up so much, and in a lot of ways, have turned the corner in terms of being an average program to wanting to be an elite program. They have put in the effort and the work that we have asked them to do. They have done everything we have asked them to do. From a coaching perspective, there is a great obligation and a great level of investment and level of wanting to do more for our student athletes just because of what they have been through. That is how we all feel. We will do whatever it takes to help our players be as good as they can be, on and off the field. In a lot of ways, the positive of this COVID thing is it brought us closer. It brought us as a first year program, and gave me a chance to really build this foundation right and do it with the right things. It is about people first. It is about that love and commitment that programs have. These players have invested that in each other. Those are the things that motivate us as coaches. We don't want to let them down as coaches. We want to make sure we are doing our part for them to be successful both on and off the field. The coaches miss normal life, whatever that was, but that is what drives us is the mindset of our football team, what they have endured, what they have become right now, and where this is going in the future. Those are the things that motivate us right now."
On The Possibility Of Passing On a Bowl 
"Anything and everything can be understood in this deal. That is really what I have been saying for the last 15 minutes. It is always good to stay in good communication with our team. I take a lot of pride, and you can ask any of my players, about being on the same page with them and being very transparent. They have been very transparent with me too. We will get a chance to visit and I think it is the right time to visit. I don't have any answers for those questions yet. I want to do what's best for this team. I want to fulfill the goals and aspirations of our young men. That comes first. We will evaluate as we go and see where things end up. Right now, Oregon is on our plate. That is what we are planning for until told otherwise. That is really the best we can do right now. It really is."