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Cristal Isa Named To Pac-12 Gymnastics Diversity and Inclusion Group

Jan 17, 2021

Seldom in our nation's history has the mission of fostering diversity and inclusion been more important. To further the conversation and push forward these goals, gymnasts from each Pac-12 program have formed "Gymnasts for Peace, Action, and Change" (G-PAC), a student-athlete driven organization. With all eight programs represented, these gymnasts will work to share ideas, formulate meet themes, host webinars, welcome guest speakers to campus, and more.
"I was so excited to be selected for the Pac-12 Diversity and Inclusion group because I would like to be an advocate for the gymnasts in our conference," said junior Red Rock gymnast Cristal Isa. "Our goal is to spread awareness and education about diversity and inclusion practices and advocate for our fellow Pac-12 athletes. Everyone should feel embraced on their teams and beyond, and we would like to make lasting changes so that everyone can enjoy their experience as a student-athlete."
G-PAC Mission Statement: G-PAC facilitates an environment where diversity and inclusion is both welcomed and encouraged. Strives to ignite lasting change by sharing experiences, providing others with education and outside resources, and creating an authentic safe space for fellow student-athletes. Inspires others to thrive at the edge of their comfort zone furthering the journey to true equality.