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Coach A's Weekly Newsletter

Jan 24, 2021

Friday, Jan. 22, 2021

Hello again! Newsletter #2 already...time is flying by over here on the hill! 
We are just about to wrap up practices for week 2. We have had such great weather, that I'm happy to report several of our practices have been outside! You heard that right...Trevor and his awesome crew got our field ready and we have been outside.
For those of you that have followed our team for some time, you know that this is unheard of. We don't practice outside in Salt Lake City in January. It just doesn't happen. 
Apparently things continue to be strangely different, so why not have some of the things turn positive, right? Outside practices in January...we will take it!
First week of classes also wrap up today. Last term we had 18 in our group on the honor roll, including four on the dean's list, so the bar has been set and we plan to beat those numbers next semester!

Well, I've got to get going to practice. I hope you enjoy the updates we have made to our website. Browse through the profiles of our team so that when we start giving shout-outs, you know our roster and can keep up on the conversations. 
Speaking of shout-outs, Jordy ran down a ball in left field yesterday that would have made the top 10 on ESPN, and Noskin and Belarde turned a double play that got us all ready to get the season started! 
For now, you just get to trust us that good things are happening for this group and we look forward to a couple more weeks of training before kicking things off in February. 
Talk to you sometime next week...hopefully we will be releasing the schedule before the newsletter #3 so we can start talking about that next time!
Have a great weekend...Go Utes!
Coach A