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Get To Know Cole Buck

Jan 28, 2021

Cole Buck began as The Enlight Foundation Assistant Coach for Men's Golf on January 4. As the Cardinal nears a return to the course, catch up with Stanford's newest assistant who looks to help the defending national champs to another crown in 2021.
Q. Let's start at the beginning of your golf journey. When and how did you fall in love with the game?
Cole Buck: I grew up in a small town in Texas with a great golf course, so it was a fun way to spend time with my dad.
Q. You've been at Stanford for about three weeks. What have you learned that surprised you or maybe that you didn't know before?
CB: It's massive! Conrad probably thinks I've been really busy doing stuff around campus, but I actually keep getting lost when I go get lunch. Don't tell him.
Q. What excited you about this job and the prospects of working with Coach Ray?
CB: I didn't personally know him, but every coach and player I asked said he's one of the best out there, and a real players coach. That's the kind of person I want to work with.
Q. Who are some mentors in your golf journey that you'd credit with getting you to where you are today?
CB: My parents, my swing instructor/friend Joey Wuertemberger, Coach Will Brewer at Lipscomb University, and Coach Mike McGraw at Baylor. I've learned more from them about leadership and encouragement than I could ever express.
Q. What is your most memorable golf shot that you've ever hit?
CB: I was trying to max out my club head speed in high school and the shaft broke across my back, flipped around, and hit me in the head. I was fine but the junior academy I was at made me sit in the locker room and ice my head until they were confident I wasn't concussed.
Five Facts
1. I'm embarrassingly good at Dance Dance Revolution
2. I competed in Jiu Jitsu for three years after I stopped playing golf
3. In the last three years I've lived in NYC, Nashville, and now California. Coast to Coast!
4. My first coaching job was as a sophomore at TCU as a Strength and Conditioning intern for athletics
5. I'm surprisingly uncomfortable talking about how interesting I am. Does that count?
Five Fast Ones
Favorite course you've played?
Golf Club of TN

Favorite place you've traveled?
Road tripping through Canada while caddying on the Mackenzie Tour

Favorite movie?
Inglorious Bastards

Favorite singer/band?
Something You've Never Heard Of/Beyonce

Favorite club in your bag?
Driver. But also the least favorite.