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Coach A's Weekly Newsletter

Feb 10, 2021

Today, we hit the road.
The text I got back from my son, as I left the house today, was one for the books. I told him I was heading out early because I had lots to get done. His reply was, "like what?" 
After I laughed, and then felt a little offended, I let him know that we haven't been on the road as a team for almost a year and we have lots to do. 
He then proceeded to make me feel like the one that should be laughed at as he asked, "if you have had an entire year since you last played, then why do you have so much left on the list to do?" Touché son, touché. 
We have been practicing for months. We have lifted weights, studied film, charted pitches, analyzed swings, met with nutritionists, worked with sport psych professionals, etc.'s simply time to start games and begin to compete together to win games!
We are all tired of facing off against each other. It's time to get on the field and battle against somebody else. It's time to get a gauge on how good we are at competing and find out if we can learn to gel on the field and WIN!
So as we head out to Phoenix today, with several new faces, and our first "Super Senior" in Alyssa Barrera, I want to say "all gas"...which is the team motto this year...meaning let's go full throttle every chance we get this season!
Hopefully you can find a way to follow the games this weekend. We have it shouldn't be hard to find a time that you can tune in! (Check our the schedule for live stats and streaming info)
Go Utes!

--Coach A