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Getting To Know Alicia Liera

Feb 17, 2021

Freshman Alicia Liera is a distance runner from Lynwood, Calif.  She graduated from Warren High in Downey, Caiif.  She began her career at Lynwood High where she set the school 1600m and 3200m records. We had a chance to talk to her this week.

Q: How is your freshman year going so far?

A.L.: It's pretty good, it's interesting, very different, but I like it so far.
Q: What influenced your decision to attend and run for USC?

A.L.: I think I was influenced not only by the track program but just the reputation that USC has, especially for my major in business administration. Another big thing for me was that I wanted to stay close to home. I'm from Southern California, so I wanted to make sure that I went to a really good school in Southern California.
Q: What else went into your decision to major in business administration?

A.L.: I think I chose [the major] because, honestly, since I was very little, my goal was to open up a restaurant or a business, just something small. I feel like with business administration I could start off with a company and get some experience, and eventually, further down the road, if I ever want to open up a business, I feel like I'll have what it takes to do so.
Q: Do you have a favorite class from this or last semester?

A.L.: I mean I do, but they're not really business-related. I'm very into gender studies classes. So I'm thinking about taking a minor in something related to gender studies.
Q: What is your proudest achievement from high school?
A.L.: My proudest achievement might have been getting the school records for the mile and the two mile. I was actually able to get them on the same night. To race back-to-back, and still get that was kind of crazy.
Q: Do you have a favorite memory from a practice or competition?

A.L.: This one time, with my cross country friends, we went to New York for a race, and after the race we went to this restaurant. We got these milkshakes and I don't know what was in them, but my friends and I just kept laughing the entire ride and everyone was just looking at us… It was just such a funny night, like anything would make us laugh, it was so funny. I loved it.
Q: What are your goals for the rest of the season going forward?

A.L.: I think for now, my goal is just to be with my teammates and push each other to be our best. I guess, technically, it's a competition amongst each other, but it's really just trying to push each other and bring out the best in everyone.
Q: Do you have any random talents that most people might not know about?

A.L.: I'm not sure if this really counts but my thumbs are double jointed, so that's pretty weird! Or, I guess, I'm left handed… I really like cooking and baking, too.
Q: What kinds of foods do you cook and bake?

A.L.: For me, I just cook what I would usually have, but I guess to others it's very "cultural" food, so a lot of Mexican food.
Q: You mentioned earlier that you were thinking about opening a restaurant someday. What kind of restaurant would you want to open?

A.L.: Right now, I'm thinking of maybe a vegan Mexican restaurant. I feel like that's something that's not so common [as opposed to] just opening up a Mexican restaurant.
Q: My last question is, what have you been doing for fun in your free time? Anything you've been watching/reading/listening to?

A.L.: A lot of times, my favorite thing to do is to sleep and nap… love that. As for music, everyone says that they listen to everything, but I really listen to everything, depending on my moods. If I wanna be calm, I'll listen while I paint or draw, and if I'm cleaning up I'll play a little more upbeat music. Or sometimes when I'm driving, I just wanna put on old music, like One Direction.