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Coach A's Weekly Newsletter

Feb 18, 2021

5-1… Good Start.
I've been asked many questions by my players over my 20+ years as a college coach, but "can I see my parents, and can I hug them" has never been asked until now. 
It's such a strange time. We started the season last weekend and we played well, but I'm not going to lie, the emotions went up and down often. 
It felt so good to get out there and do our thing. At times everything felt relatively normal. It was a nice escape for those minutes. It didn't last long, though. 
Things are not normal. Things are still hard and traveling is very difficult because we want to stay safe. We are thankful for the opportunity to play and feel blessed to have gotten started with our season, but it certainly doesn't feel the same. 
Today we head to Las Vegas. No fans are allowed at all. Being a parent myself, I can only imagine how that feels for our players' parents to be told "no, you can't come in and watch."
Hence the rollercoaster of emotions for our group. They are grateful, and yet sad, because of the difficulties they are facing. 
A character trait that is holding strong throughout this team is perseverance. They are displaying it on and off the field. Opening weekend we really struggled getting comfortable swinging the bat. We won each of the first three games by a single run...but found a way to win. They persevered and scored an average of 8 runs per game the second half of the weekend. 
I'm hoping they can build upon last weekend and continue to find a way to settle into the new norms. Hugs from their parents were welcomed and definitely needed last weekend. This is especially true since we likely won't be seeing them until we travel back to Phoenix in a couple weeks.
The games are on a livestream at UNLV, so take a look at the team when you can! We are hoping to travel our entire group this weekend and we look forward to showing you what we've got!
Gooooo Utes!
Coach A.