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Coach A's Weekly Newsletter

Feb 27, 2021

Heading back to Tempe.

The "work squirrels" are once again keeping me up at night. The squirrels scurry around in my head, especially during our season. They were dormant during the shutdown, when I wasn't actively coaching the team, but they are back in full force. I may regret saying this, but I've actually missed them.
I care so deeply about this team and their journey, and the squirrels move around to help make sure I am aware of all of the boxes that need to be checked. During these COVID times, there are several more things to consider when planning each day.
Our volleyball coach, Beth Launiere, wrote a book this summer. It's about the business side of coaching. It's a great tool for organizing all of the things the squirrels wake me up thinking about. I'm thankful for Beth who wrote a roadmap for me and I'm thankful I have a whole staff of people that help me lead this team.
I'm also thankful for a team that I "GET TO" stay up at night thinking and worrying about. My brother said it best on a family zoom call over the holiday season. He said something's nice to have people in your life that you love enough to GET TO worry about.
I do love every one of these athletes. Therefore, I GET TO worry about them each day. Since the start of season a couple weeks ago, we have had some of the regular challenges that the season brings (schoolwork on the road, settling player roles during games, unexpected loss to an unranked team, time management struggles, etc.) plus we have had some of the new stuff added this year (COVID health concerns, quarantine stresses, zoom fatigue, lack of personal interactions).
So, because the athletes have a lot to manage, I lay awake at night trying to think of all the things I can do to help them each day. It's a privilege I have. I'm blessed, and so is the team, but it's still difficult every day.
My former coach Jo Evans said it best when I was a freshman and I tried to quit for the 6th or 7th time..."I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." It was a quote from Mae West that she wrote down on a piece of paper. I still have it.
She was was hard, and it was worth it. And it still is.
Moral of the story I'm telling, I'm thankful for those "work squirrels" because it means it's season. I definitely don't mind trading sleep for the chance to lead this group. I don't know about the rest of my team, but I got plenty of sleep last summer.
So WELCOME BACK squirrels. I'll see you again tonight!
Go Utes!

Coach A.