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Getting To Know McKay Johnson

Mar 3, 2021

Graduate transfer McKay Johnson is competing for USC for the first time, after graduating from Cal with a degree in Sociology and All-America honors in the shot put.  He set the USC indoor shot put record with a mark of 70-4.50 (21.45m) on Feb. 13, which eclipsed the old mark of 67-5.25 (20.55m) held by two-time NCAA Champion Noah Bryant. We caught up with him last week.
Q: What is your favorite subject to learn about?
M.J.: I have an interesting class right now about founders' dilemma, about how to found a company and I find that really cool.
Q: What is your go to quarantine dinner?
M.J.: Ground turkey breast and white rice to keep it simple and healthier. I'm trying to eat less fast food.
Q: What is your event?
M.J.: Shotput, been doing that since 7th grade.
Q: What's on your Instagram discover page?
M.J.:  Lots of throwing videos, other track people, Olympians doing lifts, and some guitar stuff.
Q: Favorite animal?
M.J.: Maybe a lion because of the Lion King
Q: What is your favorite music genre?
M.J.: I'm a big classic rock guy. Growing up my parents would always play it in the car. Also, I listen to disco…anything from that era will get me going.
Q: What do you listen to before competition?
M.J.: I don't like to listen to music before competition, just try to focus in and not get too excited before a competition.
Q: What are some of your favorite hobbies?
M.J.:  I like to play guitar. Right now, I've been trying to learn to program during this pandemic. I picked up chess a little too. 
Q: What is the most important part of your identity/brand?
M.J.: I'm really close with my family, I like to keep my head down and have tunnel vision so I don't get distracted by things around me
Q: What's your favorite part of about living in LA so far?
M.J.: I've been in my room quite a bit since the pandemic, but I like being at school with my teammates
Q: What are you most excited for about coming to USC?
M.J.:  Leaving undergrad at Cal I wanted to go somewhere that would still push me in my collegiate career. Coach Caryl (Smith Gilbert)  sets a high standard and coach Dan (Lange), is tough as well and along with my brother (Christian) being here.