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NABC Second Team All-District Honors for Akinjo

Mar 16, 2021

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TUCSON, Ariz. – Arizona junior point guard James Akinjo added to his postseason awards haul after being named to the District 19 Second Team by the National Association of Basketball Coaches (NABC) on Tuesday.
It's the 14th time in the last 15 years that Arizona has had at least one representative on either the first or second team. Last year, Zeke Nnaji was named to the first team. Over the last 15 years, the Wildcats have had a total of 23 recipients.
In his first season of action at Arizona, Akinjo became the first Wildcats since T.J. McConnell in 2015 to lead the Pac-12 in assists in league play with 117. In league games, he ranked seventh in scoring (15.9), fifth in 3-point field goal percentage (43.9), fourth in assist-to-turnover ratio (2.39), and fifth in 3-point field goals made per game (2.15). He scored in double figures 15 times in conference play and reached 20 points or more in seven times. He closed the season averaging 21.0 points per game over the last five games despite playing the most minutes per game of any player in the conference (35.56).
The complete list of Arizona's NABC All-District honorees dating back to the 1951-52 season is below:

1951-52 Roger Johnson
1952-53 Bill Kemmeries (hm)
1953-54 Hadie Redd
1954-55 Hadie Redd
1959-60 Ernie McCray (3rd)
1961-62 Joe Skaisgir (3rd)
1963-64 Albert Johnson (3rd)
Warren Rustand (3rd)
1964-65 Warren Rustand
Albert Johnson (2nd)
1965-66 Ted Pickett (3rd)
Bob Spahn (3rd)
1967-68 Bill Davis (2nd)
1968-69 Mickey Foster
Tom Lee (3rd)
1970-71 Bill Warner (2nd)
1971-72 Jim Huckestein
1972-73 Coniel Norman
Eric Money (2nd)
1973-74 Coniel Norman
Eric Money (2nd)
1974-75 Al Fleming
Bob Elliott
1975-76 Al Fleming
Bob Elliott
1976-77 Bob Elliott
Herman Harris
Phil Taylor (3rd)
1977-78 Phil Taylor (3rd)
1978-79 Joe Nehls
Larry Demic (2nd)
Russell Brown (2nd)
1979-80 Joe Nehls (2nd)
1980-81 Ron Davis (2nd)
1981-82 Frank Smith (2nd)
1984-85 Pete Williams
Eddie Smith (2nd)
1985-86 Steve Kerr (2nd)
NABC All-District 15
1986-87 Sean Elliott
1987-88 Sean Elliott
Steve Kerr (2nd)
1988-89 Sean Elliott
Anthony Cook
Lute Olson (COY)
1989-90 Jud Buechler (2nd)
1990-91 Brian Williams (2nd)
Chris Mills (2nd)
1991-92 Chris Mills
Sean Rooks (2nd)
1992-93 Chris Mills
Damon Stoudamire (2nd)
Lute Olson (COY)
1993-94 Khalid Reeves
Damon Stoudamire
1994-95 Damon Stoudamire
Ray Owes (2nd)
1995-96 Ben Davis (2nd)
Reggie Geary (2nd)
Miles Simon (2nd)
1996-97 Michael Dickerson
1997-98 Mike Bibby
Michael Dickerson
Miles Simon
1998-99 Jason Terry
A.J. Bramlett (2nd)
1999-2000 Michael Wright
Loren Woods (2nd)
Jason Gardner (2nd)
2000-01 Gilbert Arenas
Loren Woods (2nd)
Michael Wright (2nd)
2001-02 Jason Gardner (1st)
Luke Walton (1st)
2002-03 Jason Gardner (1st)
Luke Walton (1st)
2003-04 Hassan Adams (1st)
Channing Frye (1st)
Andre Iguodala (2nd)
Salim Stoudamire (2nd)
2004-05 Salim Stoudamire (1st)
Channing Frye (1st)
Hassan Adams (2nd)
2006-07 Marcus Williams
Ivan Radenovic
Chase Budinger
2007-08 Jerryd Bayless (1st)
Chase Budinger (2nd)
2008-09 Jordan Hill (1st)
Chase Budinger (2nd)
2009-10 Nic Wise (1st)
Derrick Williams (2nd)
2010-11 Derrick Williams (1st)
2011-12 Solomon Hill (1st)
NABC All-District 20
2012-13 Solomon Hill (1st)
Mark Lyons (1st)
2013-14 Aaron Gordon (2nd)
Nick Johnson (1st)
2014-15 Stanley Johnson (1st)
T.J. McConnell (1st)
2015-16 Ryan Anderson (1st)
2016-17 Lauri Markkanen (1st)
2017-18 Deandre Ayton (1st)
Allonzo Trier (2nd)
2019-20 Zeke Nnaji (1st)
NABC All-District 19
2020-21 James Akinjo (2nd)