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Four Advance to Quarterfinals Friday in St. Louis

Mar 18, 2021

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ST. LOUIS – Two-time Pac-12 Champion Brandon Courtney (125), four-time Pac-12 Champion and 2020 All-American Anthony Valencia (165), three-time Pac-12 Champion Kordell Norfleet (197) and Pac-12 Champion Cohlton Schultz (285) will all compete in the NCAA Wrestling Championship quarterfinals Friday morning.

For all four Sun Devil wrestlers, it's their first-ever trip to the quarterfinals.

"Overall it was a good day for Sun Devil Wrestling," head coach Zeke Jones said. "We put four in the quarters and we're still in the hunt for a trophy which is what we came here for. Courtney was slick on his feet as well as Norfleet and they dominated on the mat. Cohlton Schultz was truly a bully out there pushing his opponent all over the mat."

The Sun Devils currently sit in sixth place with their team score (19.5), trailing Iowa (33.5), Penn State (38.0), Mizzou (23.5), North Carolina State (21.0) and Oklahoma State (20.0). 

"We have a big day tomorrow. This will be the day that separates the top teams from the next teams down and we need to be ready to go in order to compete."

Courtney, redshirt senior Cory Crooks, Schultz and redshirt freshman Trey Munoz all made their debuts on the National stage on Thursday. 

Arizona native Courtney held his opponents to zero takedowns while he hit double digits in takedowns for himself.

In the first two sessions of round one, the Sun Devils defeated their opponents by major decision except in two bouts. To conclude the first round, ASU was tied for fourth place with North Carolina State (13.0). 

During round two, the three quarter finalists defeated their opponents via decisions with Valencia coming out victorious in a sudden victory overtime against Izzak Olejnik.

In the Devils' final match of the night, Schultz forced Brian Andrews into a handful of caution calls which eventually led to his downfall when the referee awarded the redshirt freshman with a win via disqualification.

As a team, the Sun Devils are fourth (137) for most total match points.

Friday's quarterfinals start at 11 am ET/8 am PT on ESPNU while every match on every mat is streamed on ESPN3. Friday night's semifinals begin at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT on ESPN.

Fans can follow @ASUWrestling on Twitter and Facebook for live updates of the three-day event and @asuwrestling1962 on Instagram.


#3 Brandon Courtney (125)

First Round - Brandon Courtney (ASU) defeats #30 Micah Roes (Binghamton), MD 17-7

Second Round - Brandon Courtney (ASU) defeats #19 Eric Barnett (Wisconsin), Decision 11-7

Up Next (Quarters) - Brandon Courtney (ASU) vs. #6 Jakob Camacho (NCST)

#9 Michael McGee (133)

First Round - Michael McGee (ASU) defeats #24 Richie Koehler (Rider), MD 13-4

Second Round - #8 Chris Cannon (Northwestern) defeats Michael McGee (ASU), Fall, 3:00

Up Next (Consolation Round 2) - Michael McGee (ASU) vs. #23 Boo Dryden (Minnesota)

#31 Cory Crooks (149)

First Round - #2 Austin O'Connor (UNC) defeats Cory Crooks (ASU), MD 12-4

Consolation Round 1 - Cory Crooks (ASU) defeats #18 Jarrett Degen (ISU), Decision 8-6

Up Next (Consolation Round 2) - Cory Crooks (ASU) vs. #17 Kyle Parco (Fresno State)

#11 Jacori Teemer (157)

First Round - Jacori Teemer (ASU) defeats #22 Benjamin Barton (Campbell), MD 12-4

Second Round - #6 Brayton Lee (Minnesota) defeats Jacori Teemer (ASU), Decision 5-3

Up Next (Consolation Round 2)- Jacori Teemer (ASU) vs. #21 Andrew Cerniglia (NAVY)

#2 Anthony Valencia (165)

First Round - Anthony Valencia (ASU) defeats #31 David Ferrante (Northwestern), MD 14-4

Second Round - Anthony Valencia (ASU) defeats #18 Izzak Olejnik (Northern Illinois), SV-1 6-4

Up Next (Quarters) - Anthony Valencia (ASU) vs. #7 Ethan Smith (Ohio State)

#20 Trey Munoz (174)

First Round - Trey Munoz (ASU) defeats #13 Jackson Hemauer (UNCO), Decision 7-2

Second Round - #4 Mikey Labriola (Nebraska) defeats Trey Munoz (ASU), Decision 5-3

Up Next (Consolation Round 2) - Trey Munoz (ASU) vs. #19 Michael O'Malley (Drexel)

#3 Kordell Norfleet (197)

First Round - Kordell Norfleet (ASU) defeats #30 Trey Rogers (Hofstra), MD 12-3

Second Round - Kordell Norfleet (ASU) defeats #19 Thomas Penola (Purdue), Decision 8-4

Up Next (Quarters) - Kordell Norfleet (ASU) vs. #6 Nino Bonaccorsi (Pitt)

#4 Cohlton Schultz (285)

First Round - Cohlton Schultz (ASU) defeats #29 Jon Spaulding (Edinboro), MD 9-0

Second Round - Cohlton Schultz (ASU) defeats #13 Brian Andrews (WYO), DQ

Up Next (Quarters) - Cohlton Schultz (ASU) vs. #5 Tony Cassioppi (Iowa)