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Buffs Wrap Up Field Events At Jerry Quiller Classic

Mar 19, 2021

Jerry Quiller Day 1 Results

BOULDER – The University of Colorado track and field team took care of all the field events in the first day of the Jerry Quiller Classic, walking away with a pair of wins in the women's javelin and women's triple jump.
Only Air Force, CSU and Colorado competed in the 16 total field events Friday, with CU taking two victories on the women's side in the triple and javelin. Both events were uncontested by other schools as CU had the only two competitors in the triple and the five in the javelin. Cheyenne Cheshier won the triple with a jump of 11.31 meters (37-1.25), while Jada Green won the javelin with a toss of 42.30 meters (138-9).
Arguably the strongest performance came from graduate transfer Dominique Williams in the throws. The senior placed second in the hammer throw (56.40m | 185-0) and third in the shot put (14.42m | 47-3.75). His hammer throw is eighth in school history.
Henry Carlson also had a strong day in the throws, placing second in the javelin at 51.30 meters (168-4) and fourth in the discus at 46.75 meters (153-4). In the vertical jumps, Ryan Charles tied for second in the high jump with a clearance of 1.91m (6-3.25), while Nick Bianco cleared 4.60m (15-1) in the pole vault for fourth.
For the women, freshman Allie Routledge had a huge clearance in the high jump to finish second at 1.71m (5-7.25). Lauren Whyrick was second in the women's shot put at 12.89m (42-3.5), while Jane Powers and Elena Opp finished third and fourth in the hammer throw, respectfully.
Colorado concludes action on the track tomorrow with the 1,500-meter run beginning at 10 a.m.
Women's High Jump: 1. Jordan Lanning (UNAT) 1.71m (5-7.25); 2. Allie Routledge (COLO) 1.71m (5-7.25); 4. Kara Lucyk (COLO) 1.61m (5-3.25); 5. Jada Green (COLO) 1.51m (4-11.5); 6. Elise Gillett (COLO) 1.46m (4-9.5)
Women's Pole Vault: 1. Celyn Stermer (UNAT) 3.80m (12-5.5)
Women's Long Jump: 1. Jordan Lanning (UNAT) 5.30m (17-4.75); 5. Sarah Aanenson (COLO) 4.81m (15-9.5)
Women's Triple Jump: 1. Cheyenne Cheshier (COLO) 11.31m (37-1.25); 2. Sarah Aanenson (COLO) 10.13m (33-3)
Women's Shot Put: 1. Gabby McDonald (UNAT) 14.88m (48-10); 2. Lauren Whyrick (COLO) 12.89m (42-3.5); 4. Jada Green (COLO) 11.83m (38-9.75); 9. Meghan Whyrick (COLO) 10.76m (35-3.75); 10. Avery McMullen (COLO) 10.54m (34-7); 11. Elise Gillett (COLO) 10.29m (33-9.25)
Women's Discus: 1. Gabby McDonald (UNAT) 50.22m (164-9); 6. Gya'ni Sami (COLO) 41.26m (135-4); 7. Obi Osafo-Mensah (COLO) 41.11m (134-10); 8. Elena Opp (COLO) 40.59m (133-2); 9. Meghan Whyrick (COLO) 34.03m (111-8); 11. Jane Powers (COLO) 30.18m (99-0); 12. Bella Braun (COLO) 29.84m (97-11)
Women's Hammer Throw: 1. Haley Showalter (UNAT) 56.93m (186-9); 3. Jane Powers (COLO) 49.46m (162-3); 4. Elena Opp (COLO) 48.72m (159-10); 8. Gya'ni Sami (COLO) 46.10m (151-3); 10. Lauren Whyrick (COLO) 41.21m (135-2); 12. Bella Braun (COLO) 34.13m (112-0); 13. Meghan Whyrick (COLO) 32.81m (107-8); 14. Obi Osafo-Mensah (COLO) 28.65m (94-0)
Women's Javelin: 1. Jada Green (COLO) 42.30m (138-9); 2. Avery McMullen (COLO) 30.96m (101-7); 3. Elise Gillett (COLO) 30.18m (99-0); 4. Allie Routledge (COLO) 24.43m (80-2); 5. Cheyenne Cheshier (COLO) 20.48m (67-2)
Men's High Jump: 1. Addison Brown (AFA) 2.01m (6-7); T2. Ryan Charles (COLO) 1.91m (6-3.25)
Men's Pole Vault: 1. Ryan Brown (AFA) 4.75m (15-7); 4. Nick Bianco (COLO) 4.60m (15-1)
Men's Long Jump: 1. Drew Thompson (UNAT) 6.47m (21-2.75)
Men's Triple Jump: 1. Allam Bushara (UNAT) 14.67m (48-1.75)
Men's Shot Put: 1. Mariano Kis (UNAT) 16.37m (53-8.5); 3. Dominique Williams (COLO) 14.42m (47-3.75); 6. Clayton Castro (COLO) 13.45m (44-1.5)
Men's Discus: 1. Adam Dawson (UNAT) 54.11m (177-6); 4. Henry Carlson (COLO) 46.75m (153-4); 14. Wyatt Rhoads (COLO) 33.65m (110-5); 15. Nick Bianco (COLO) 33.42m (109-8)
Men's Hammer Throw: 1. Avery Lux (UNAT) 56.89m (186-8); 2. Dominique Williams (COLO) 56.40m (185-0); 4. Tyler Sconce (COLO) 52.89m (173-6); 5. Clayton Castro (COLO) 48.81m (160-2)
Men's Javelin: 1. Jackson Morris (UNAT) 63.20m (207-4); 2. Henry Carlson (COLO) 51.30m (168-4); 3. Ryan Ganson (COLO) 50.85m (166-10); 6. Nick Bianco (COLO) 44.46m (145-10); 7. Wyatt Rhoads (COLO) 42.89m (140-8)